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Adi is a Malayalam film released in 2023. Prasobh Vijayan is the film s director, and Dulquer Salmaan is the producer. Govind Vasantha composed the music, and N

Adi Movie Review

Adi Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Written by Deepshikha Pandey
Review for the film " Adi"
Runtime: 2 hrs 11 mins
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-04-2023
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
3 / 5.0



Adi is a Malayalam film released in 2023. Prasobh Vijayan Prasobh Vijayan is an Indian-Director. He mainly w >> Read More... Prasobh Vijayan is the film’s director, and Dulquer Salmaan Dulquer Salmaan is a popular Malayalam actor, who >> Read More... Dulquer Salmaan is the producer. Govind Vasantha composed the music, and Noufal Abdullah Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Noufal Abdullah edited the film. Subash Karun is the art director, and Faiz Siddik Faiz Siddik is a famous film cinematographer from >> Read More... Faiz Siddik is the cinematographer.

Shine Tom Chacko Shine Tom Chacko is a renowned film actor in the M >> Read More... Shine Tom Chacko and Ahaana Krishna Ahaana Krishna is a 20 year old Indian actress fro >> Read More... Ahaana Krishna are the lead cast. Dhruvan, Bindhu Jayan, Jibin V. Joseph, Sreekanth Dasan Sreekanth Dasan is an Indian Actor. He works as a >> Read More... Sreekanth Dasan , and Bitto Davis Bitto Davis is an Indian actor from Mollywood Indu >> Read More... Bitto Davis play supporting roles.


Sanjeev Nair (Shine Tom Chacko) and Geethika (Ahaana Krishna) are getting married. While they were going from the registry office to the temple to tie the wedding knot, their car hit a bike. Some goons are riding this bike. Sanjeev gets into a physical fight with these goons. The situation worsens, and the goons start beating Sanjeev violently. He feels embarrassed because he could not fight with the goons in front of Geethika. Everyone in the area talks about the beating he suffered, which makes him feel insulted.

Sanjay decides to take revenge on Joby Varghese (Dhruvan), the person who attacked him, but his plan fails. Geethika tells him to do a compromise with Joby instead of fighting. However, Joby makes a demand before he will be ready to compromise.

What demand does Joby make? What will Sanjeev do now?

Star Performance

Shine Tom Chacko gave an excellent performance. He perfectly shows a wide range of emotions in this film. He shows his ego and fear perfectly. The scene in which he gets into a physical fight with the goons is very appealing to the viewers. His expressions in this film are remarkable.

Ahaana Krishna initially looks diverted from the film. But after a while, she impresses the viewers with an outstanding performance. She is very calm and beautiful on the screen. Dhruvan and Srikanth Dasa excellently executed their negative characters.


Road accidents are a big problem in Kerala. The film Adi also shows a road accident, which turns into a big fight. The plot of the film is very relatable. Today, due to immaturity, drunkenness, and many more reasons, youths show criminal behavior on the streets. The film becomes attractive from the beginning and leaves no chance for the viewers to guess the entire storyline. 

The director deserves praise for showing his excellent direction. The film is a little similar to the 2021 film Ishq: Not A , which is also about male ego. The songs are pleasant, and the cinematography is beyond the expectations.

However, the film seems to be lengthy because of a long runtime. The certificate is UA, but it will be uncomfortable to watch with kids.

What’s There?

• Road accident, which turns into a physical fight.

• Unpredictable storyline.

• Sanjeev and Geethika’s bond.

• Male ego.

• Message-oriented film.

• Shine Tom Chacko and Dhruvan’s performance.

• Excellent direction.

• The songs and cinematography are impressive.

What’s Not There?

• Lengthy film.

• Lack of complexity in the storyline.

• Average editing.


The film Adi has a good concept of a road accident that turns into a big issue. It makes it difficult for the viewers to predict the story.