In this Kannada movie, directed by Sai Prakash and featured Disha Poovaiah, Naveen Krishna, and Roja, we get a new taste of the budding filmmaker's passion

Sri Omkara Ayyappane Movie Review

Sri Omkara Ayyappane Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Sri Omkara Ayyappane"
Runtime: 2 Hours 17 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 30-12-2016
Genre: Drama
2.9 / 5.0

In this Kannada movie, directed by Sai Prakash Sai Prakash aka Sai Reddy is a renowned film produ >> Read More... Sai Prakash and featured Disha Poovaiah Disha Poovaiah is a Kannada film actress. Like all >> Read More... Disha Poovaiah , Naveen Krishna B. S. Naveen Krishna is an Indian movie director, >> Read More... Naveen Krishna , and Roja, we get a new taste of the budding filmmaker's passion for the drama and action genre. The movie is thrilling, suspenseful and what you would accept from this kind of movie. You are sure to get the perfect mix of emotions and enjoy the experience. The timing of the release of the movie is also good for the celebrations time and is sure to be worth a watch.


The plot is so sensitive, riveting and intriguing that it will surely arouse curiosity. The plot of this movie though not much boring is almost filled with a lot of melodramatic and amusing twist and storylines which help develop the story to the point, where you will be clinging on to the edge of your seats till the end. Though there are some confused, trite and senseless comments in some parts of the movie throughout, these can be easily ignored by looking at the overall bigger picture, the movie has to offer to its audiences.


Popular movie director- Sai Prakash’s way of narrating, editing the story and showing the characters all the while portraying its outcome and showing various angles of the same scene with various cuts and awesome cinematography. Though we would like to add that he has indeed experimented and improved quite a lot with the passing days, his style and he seems to improve and correct himself of all the various mistakes seen earlier with each of his new movies that releases.

Star Performances

The Star performers of the movie are no doubt Disha Poovaiah, Naveen Krishna and Roja whose multi-face in the movie has been off the charts and are bringing her in new fans. The best part of the movie is that the on-screen chemistry shared by all the characters is so real and that the genre is also drama, adding some extra spice to the whole settling which will surely give the audience a good time.

What’s there?

  • As the genre of the movie is drama, be ready to expect to stay on the edge of your seats throughout the movie and expect a regular Montale of Indian drama kind of experience.
  • There are lots of oomph moments in the movie which will make you laugh and cry surely.
  • The major twist in the story will surely make you have some fun while the drama unfolds during the whole runtime.
  • The music of the soundtrack used in the movies is also exceptional and worth to be noted.

What’s not there?

  • Even though this movie has been rated as drama, we would advise you to watch this movie with friends and family.
  • This movie is more like a friends group movie.
  • The storyline is almost basic as is for all drama kind of thing in the Indian movie market with the usual bickering.
  • There are a lot of instances of poor editing in the movie which will surely bore you out and stand out.


The movie is good and worth the money, you will pay for it.