Real Police is one among the highly expected cop thrillers in the recent times As it is the directorial venture of Sai Prakash it hyped the expectation Sai K

Real Police Movie Review

Real Police Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Real Police"
Runtime: 2 hours 5 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 10-03-2017
2 / 5.0



Real Police is one among the highly expected cop thrillers in the recent times. As it is the directorial venture of Sai Prakash, it hyped the expectation. Sai Kumar plays the cop in this film. Disha Poovaiah, Akshita, Sadhu Kokila and Sai Krishna play the supporting roles. Sai Krishna makes his debut as a villain and he is none other than the son of Sai Prakash. Sadiqhulla Azad produces the film and the music composition is by Balaram and J G Krishna is the cinematographer.


Sai Kumar, an honest cop joins Vasantha Nagar Police Station. He always aims to change the worst things which he witnesses. He easily takes up the challenges and solves the mysteries. When he is dealing with a set of cases, he meets the villain. Who is the villain and for which case, Sai Kumar deals with him, is the rest of the story. Watch the cop story in theaters.

Star Performance

Sai Kumar had always fit in the cop roles in the past and even now, he is perfect with his Khaki. Sai Krishna has to improve a bit. Sadhu Kokila and Disha Poovaiah had done justice to the roles given.


Sai Prakash is well known for his sentimental scripts that make the people shower tears. Sai Kumar’s majestic appearance and Sai Prakash’s new genre didn’t make it up well. As Sai Prakash has derailed from his genre, the film didn’t meet people’s expectations. In short, a decade old script doesn’t suit the modern audiences.

What’s There?

  • Performance wise, Sai Kumar, Disha, Sadhu Kokila had done pretty well
  • Sai Kumar’s majestic appearance is the biggest plus

What’s Not There?

  • Although the script is not bad, it is not much impressive
  • Lack of latest elements


If the film had been released, ten years back, then it might have impressed the audiences. However, Sai Kumar fans might visit the theaters to watch the action dhamaka of Sai.