Directed by Shrivathsa 39 Mrugashira 39 is a Kannada movie starring Prajwal Devaraj Manasa Pannaga Bharara Tabla Nani in leading roles Plot The story

Mrugashira Movie Review

Mrugashira Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Mrugashira"
Runtime: 2 Hours 9 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 15-05-2015
Genre: Action
2 / 5.0



Directed by Shrivathsa, ' Mrugashira' is a Kannada movie starring Prajwal Devaraj, Manasa, Pannaga Bharara, Tabla Nani in leading roles.

Plot: The story is about three people who accidently lands at a place which once was a temple but now is cursed. The cursed tribe over there won't allow anyone to live there. But these three people Prajwal, a college going youth, Tabla Rani, a drunkard, and Pannaga Bharara, an insurance agent. Then starts a journey which unfolds every genre from the action to romance, to friendship, to hatred. Later it is revealed that Prajwal is there to find a hidden treasure which is there at Shiva Temple. Will he able to find it? Well, you have to watch 'Mrugashira' for the answers.

Analysis: Shrivathsa is the director of this film, and we wonder that a flick that promises so much to offer ends up offering nothing. The director wants to add all the elements like action, romantic, thrill and what not but he has failed to portray this on screen. The film might look exclusively amazing on the papers but it is pathetic when shaped and portray on silver screen. Actors have done justice to the role with their performances, but the script is the major let down. Cinematography and visuals are commendable and deserve praise.

Star Performances: Prajwal is tailor made for this role, or one may say that the movie has been written keeping his character in mind. He stole all the show with his performance. But his performance is overpowered by a weak script. Pannaga Bharara plays a comic role, and he succeeds to make us laugh. Tabla Nani is the one who is the drunkard and is too loud. Manasa is beautiful but like many other movies, the girl has been just used as a showpiece.

What's there ????

1. Acting performances of the actors are obviously a plus as they have added a good flavor to their role.

2. Few songs are melodious.

3. Cinematography and visuals are impressive.

What's not there ????

1. One may feel the lack of depth as many scenes are just added in the movie and don't make any sense.

2. The story to give everything ends up offering nothing to the audience.

3. Female characters required more research and depth like male leads.

Verdict: The flick doesn't have much to offer but is watchable once, but the condition is that you have to sit without applying any logic for 129 minutes.