First Rank Raju is a Kannada film which reflects the Indian educational system It tells how bookish knowledge is not only essential but a student needs to lea

First Rank Raju Movie Review

First Rank Raju Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " First Rank Raju"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 27-11-2015
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



First Rank Raju is a Kannada film which reflects the Indian educational system. It tells how bookish knowledge is not only essential, but a student needs to learn how to face the real world. It states that whether only front benchers are successful in their life and not the backbenchers, or it’s the opposite. It is a flick which showcases such kind of parents, who only believe that academic results are more important than the overall development of the child.

Plot: The story begins when Raju’s parents tell him only to focus on his studies and not to take part in any other activity. Raju always used to listen to his parents and thus use to score good marks in his class. He used to come first in his class and thus he was famous with the name 1st rank Raju. All the teachers in the school used to give his example to the students. Raju’s dream in life was to work for a software company. But when he went to give an interview for a company, he was rejected even after having good grades. Then his father decided that he would teach his son how to face the real world and challenges the managers in the company. Will he be able to do so or all his efforts would go in vain? Thus this makes up for the story of the film.

Analysis: Naresh Kumar HN directed the movie. He has tried everything possible to create that geeky effect so that it appeals to the audience. The cinematography and music of the movie add charm to it and completes the effect. The lyrics are good and something which goes with the situation in the story. Naresh comes up with an entertaining story, and the theme is something to look upon to. His film focuses on such a subject that it gives important to the parents and their outlook outwards the development of their chap. He shows that being studious in life in not the only thing in one’s existence but the overall development is also necessary. He has tried to display all the scenes in such a way that it appeals to the spectators. Thus he comes up with a unique script which is entertaining and enjoyed by the people.

Star performances: The film casts Gurunandan, Apoorva Gowda, Tanishka Kapoor among others in the lead roles. Gurunandan as Raju excels throughout the script in his role. His acting is terrific, and the expressions are given by him, of a geeky looking child, is perfect. Achyuth Kumar and Sudha Belawadi, the supporting actors in the flick, are great and totally fit to their characters. It could have been nothing better than this for them. The acting done by them is not so good but is avoided by the audience as the acting done by the main lead completes the effect and hides their mistakes.

What’s there?

1. The music and cinematography are commendable.

2. It comes up with a good theme i.e. the Indian education system.

3. It focuses on the mentality of parents who only want their fellows to excel in studies and do not care about the overall development of the child.

4. The story is entertaining and is liked by the people.

What’s not there?

1. The characters were not sketched properly.

2. Some of the dialogues should have been so powerful so that they pierce the hearts of the viewers.

Verdict: The flick is full of humorous scenes and something worth watching. The story comes up with the modern problems related to the children and their outlook outwards other things in life. Thus 1st rank Raju is a must watch and not only by the kids but also by their parents.