Plot In a small village called Benki Patna Hanumanthu Prathap Narayan a happy-go-lucky guy and Pani Anushree an orphan are in love They 39 re comple

Benkipatna Movie Review

Benkipatna Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Benkipatna"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-02-2015
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0



Plot: In a small village called Benki Patna, Hanumanthu ( Prathap Narayan), a happy-go-lucky guy, and Pani (Anushree), an orphan, are in love. They're completely different people - Hanumanthu is an innocent, aimless, very naive man while Pani is a girl who will speak her mind and fight against anything that appears wrong to her. Hanumanthu's world was shattered when his mother passed away. Pani's world is shattered when a sexually starved society targets her. They find solace in each other's arms, but Pani needs more than just that.

To escape the clutches of these men, she needs to be married. For that to happen, Hanumanthu must get a job, but things go wrong, and he ends up in jail. What will happen to Pani now? Will they ever be reunited?

Analysis: Short-story writer turned director T.K. Dayanand has explored subaltern life, and he has shown it in good colors. Debutant directors usually hesitate to go for original screenplay, but he has been very bold, and it has given good results. The story is a very mainstream concept, but it works great because a serious social issue is presented with a blend of humor, action, and romance. The movie is shot almost entirely in Kodagu, and that contributes to giving it a real village feel.

Both the newcomers in lead roles have done a decent job, and they seem quite promising. The movie is very sensible, but of course not very relatable. It goes a long way in throwing light to the plight of pourakarmikas, and to life in a village in general. The movie progresses very calmly, and there isn't much bloodshed. Most of the comedy is concentrated in the first half and the second half is just a build-up to the outstanding climax.

Star performances: The movie shows newcomers Prathap Narayana and Anushree in the lead roles. The director, TK Dayanand too, is a newcomer. The movie was produced by Masthi Zakir Ali Khan and Akhil Khan M G under the Maasthi Movies banner. T K Dayanand has also written the story and the screenplay. Niranjan Babu has done a brilliant work with the camera. Imran Sardariya and Madan Harini choreographed the moves. Songs in the movie like Bogaseyalli Male, Doori Doori, Huttodyake Sayodyake, and Irali Hege Neeniradene have great lyrics composed by S. C. Dinesh Kumar, Hrudaya Shiva, Jayant Kaikini and others and is sung by Rajesh Krishnan, Anuradha Bhat, and Vijay Prakash. Steve Kaushik was the music director.

What's there?

1. The movie is quite simple to follow but works leaps and bounds in getting the point across to the audience.

2. The film shows a good amount of politics and covers an extensive range of social issues related to the ignore class - the subaltern state. It works great for awareness.

3. Despite this being the lead actors' first ever in Sandalwood, they won't leave you disappointed.

What's not there?

1. Debutant director Dayanand's work is still new, and his movie looks like an early experiment with some missing elements.

2. Some characters and dialogues feel really unnecessary and could have easily been avoided.

Verdict: While it's not outstanding on all counts, the movie is still a great one-time watch with good comedy, good acting and a good story.