Perfect is indeed a relative term What is perfect for one will not be so for the other Love towards the opposite sex is no exception to this But what is frui

The Perfect Girl Movie Review

The Perfect Girl Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " The Perfect Girl - Ek Simple Si Love Story"
Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 11-09-2015
Genre: Romance
2 / 5.0

Perfect is indeed a relative term. What is perfect for one will not be so for the other. Love towards the opposite sex is no exception to this. But what is fruitful in the long run is the million dollar question. The one-liner of this film is as follows: how unreciprocated love proves harmful. Prakash Nambiar is the director of this movie. He has also handled the script. The film is so simple for words.

Plot: Jay is an ambitious filmmaker in his early thirties. He is refraining from settling down, against the wishes of his well-wishers. Sooner the well wishers learn that Jay is still in remembrance of a stranger Vedika, with whom he got trapped in love 14 years earlier, and that he cannot imagine any other girl as his soulmate. The love affair between Jay and Vedika is shown in flashback.

The film begins with an interesting note, but stumbles in midway. It becomes very philosophical and you are inclined to think why two youths dwell on concerns like childhood trauma and rebirth. This may be acceptable by a few, but the normal audience won’t appreciate it. The movie claims that women are the sole cause of anguish caused by love.

Debutantes Teeshay and Tara-Alish Berry fit the bill perfectly. This makes us feel that the dialogues and story could have been better like some Hollywood films. However, the relationship between the lead pair seems to be unreal. The cinematographer’s work is worth mentioning. The humour in the film is just average. But the film can be termed unique from other routine love stories.

Girish Kant’s superb cinematography enables us to have a lush look of Goa.


Verdict: If you are always interested in love stories you can watch this, mainly for the performance of the newcomers.