Prakash Nambiar is a very famous Animation artist, film director, writer and visual effects controller in Bollywood. He was born in Mumbai and received all his educations in Mumbai. In the year 2011, he founded an Animation company and studio named Katha Animations. With the help of Katha Animations, he was able to create two very famous cartoon characters named Hum and Tum. Yash Raj Productions even created a feature film on these two characters. He initially started his career as an animation artist.

He has a working experience of a few years in the Animation Industry. Presently, he is busy directing films and writing scripts for them. He has already worked for big brands like Cadbury, Idea Cellular Network, Tanishq and much more. He has created advertisements in the form of short stories with a deep message for all these brands. He has directed over 25 short movies in his career. Prakash’s first feature movie, named ‘ The Perfect Girl Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, released two years back in 2015. Prakash also worked in the film named Dhoom starring John Abraham.

He worked as the head of the media department. In 2006, his animation company made its debut in the film ‘ Kabul Express Click to look into! >> Read More... ’. Katha Animations were given the duty of looking after the creative multimedia department of the film. In the year 2011, he was the producer and the editor in a short film named ‘I Dream of Hope’. Apart from the above duties, he was also the head of the animations department of the film. In the year 2004, he was the head of the Animations project on the cartoon characters, Hum Tum Click to look into! >> Read More... . It proved to be a great success and provided a boost to his animation career. ‘I Dream of Hope’ was also directed by Prakash.

So Prakash had four roles in making the film a great success. He was the director, editor, producer and the head of the animations department in the film. In 2011, apart from ‘I Dream of Hope’, he was also the writer and the director of another short movie named ‘Trust’. After a gap of four years, he returned in 2015 with his script. This time he did not plan to do a short film. In 2015, Nambiar directed his first feature film named ‘The Perfect Girl’. He wrote the script of the film as well. ‘The Perfect Girl’ received good response from the audience. He has not released any film since 2015. He is scheduled to release a film in 2018.