Plot: The story is when we see Full Pant greets a gang of touring students into a dhaba and forces them to listen to the story of Michel Misra. Michael Misra kn

The Legend of Michael Mishra Movie Review

The Legend of Michael Mishra Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
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Review for the film " The Legend of Michael Mishra"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 04 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-08-2016
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3 / 5.0

Plot: The story is when we see Full Pant greets a gang of touring students into a dhaba and forces them to listen to the story of Michel Misra. Michael Misra known as Bhaiyyaji is a Bihari tailor-turned-kidnapper. He turned to the crime world after killing someone unintentionally.Michael falls in love with Varsha, a wannabe actress from Patna. When returning to the same place where they had met first, destiny has something else for them. Michael gives up his criminal image for her and becomes a good man.But is his transformation enough to bring the two together?

Analysis: The film is baseless. It appeared that the actors did not have a proper script to go by. It seemed they wore their own clothes, penned down their dialogues and danced to their tune without someone coordinating their movements. No initiative was taken to mimic the authentic Bihari Shudh Hindi mannerisms or dialect. It seems that Patna was recreated in some city studio. The town was depicted as some backward village, which hosts irrational shows like ‘Bihar Ijj Full Of Talent’.

The deliberate use of poor English can be amusing if the characters bear an innocent vibe. The actors shadowing the mistakes as if they have memorized the dialogues does not appear so. The films extras seem to have been signed up from the streets without any prior notice. The ridiculous plot was less irritating than the poor direction. You can’t doze off for a quick nap cause the background music is too loud.

Star Performance: The audience wonders how come they agree on a movie like this. Arshad seems indifferent. Boman’s son Kayoze, who caught some eye in the SOTY, is just some guy trying to be funny because he is bulky. Aditi’s beauty is the only plus of this movie. Her acting is average. She tries to look convincing as the glam girl but fails. Arshad seems to sleepwalk through the film and mumbles something in Bihari Dialect no Bihari has ever heard. Boman is the narrator and perhaps the only good thing, but because he is the storyteller, one may not appreciate that too.

What’s there? The film intends to spoof small town ruffians in a filmy style but can’t execute in style. The required humour and substance is lacking. It is an amateurish attempt, though marching as a feature film, meant for the adults.

What’s not there? The film showcases the highest level of nonsense buffoonery. The conversation between Boman and the students is equally lame.There’s hardly anything legendary. The second half drags a lot. The musical chapter is not praiseworthy.

Verdict: No one knows about the legend, but this film is surely an epic fail. An achievement if you survive through this.