A fictional work on the life of Swami a simple man and his family Ganesh Acharya a choreographer directed this debut film This movie strongly makes an emo

Swami Movie Review

Swami Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Swami"
Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 08-06-2007
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



A fictional work on the life of Swami, a simple man, and his family. Ganesh Acharya, a choreographer, directed this debut film. This movie strongly makes an emotional bond.

Plot: Manoj Bajpai and Juhi Chawla dream about sending their son Maninder to America for a well- settled life. Manoj saves some amount for Juhi's ailment. But Juhi spends it for getting Manoj's favorite chair. Due to her health issues, she dies very soon. After a few years, when Maninder's kid hits the chair and get hurt, Neha Pendse, Maninder's wife sells off the chair. Soon she realizes her mistake, but to her vain, she does not find the chair back. Manoj does not get a pass for America. When his son and daughter in law decides to drop the plan, he encourages him to move on and stays back in his home with his memories.

Analysis: When everyone expected Ganesh to give a movie with many songs and dances, he slaps our mentality by providing a simple and an emotional film. This movie is about the desire and expectations of an ordinary man from a middle- class family will have. He greatly shows many emotions related to a rocking chair, that Swami desires since childhood. The cinematography seemed to be average. Without any conflicts, all the sugar coated scenes were almost like a serial. Nearly twenty minutes in the second half was unnecessary. The friendship between a Sardarji and a south Indian was not needed much.

Star Performance: Bajpai resembles the 'man next door.' While he is simple and elegant, Juhi Chawla makes the audience go addicted to her. She pulls everyone towards her with an infectious and blooming smile.

What's There: 'Nitz 'n' Sony,' the music director duo, are the first one in the entire world to compose the background score for the film, before the shooting of the scenes itself.

What's Not There: Though the story was good, the characters seemed to be merely one-dimensional, and they received a flawless portrayal. The characters became uninteresting.

Verdict: A regular household happening portrayed beautifully.