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The most awaited film Mohenjo Daro is finally released. It is an Indian epic romantic adventures movie, directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. The shooting of the fil

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Written by Aliya Jamal
Movie story for the film "Mohenjo Daro"
Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-08-2016
3.5 / 5.0



The most awaited film Mohenjo Daro is finally released. It is an Indian epic romantic adventures movie, directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. The shooting of the film is done in the ancient city of Mohenjo – Daro, during the Indus Valley Civilization. After the two years of break, Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan with his unimaginable dance moves i >> Read More... Hrithik Roshan is coming back with Pooja Hegde.

Plot: The story depicts the period of historical events. All the things shown in the movie is gathered by various archeologists and from the available historical data. They are taking us into the imaginative world of historical time about which we only heard and read. Mohenjo Daro was the largest city during the Indus Valley Civilization; this area occupied around 200 hectares of space. The story begins with the Indigo farmer life which was played by Hrithik Roshan as Saruman. He went on traveling and reached Mohenjo Daro, where he found his love at first sight Channi, played by Pooja Hegde.

Channi is the daughter of a priest. Channi is the symbol of gracing for the people when there was a no existence of God. There was a ruler Maham played by Kabir Bedi, who had a planned for the destruction of a city. Saruman decided not to allow the action of Maham to destroy the city and her lady love. It becomes interesting to see how he saved the city and her love. It is a fictional romance drama based film.

Analysis: Ashutosh Gowarikar has written the story by doing extensive research. Still, some factual errors are present in this. During half of the film, it does not create much interest about historical things and romance. At the last of the script, the flow goes slowly. The love story is based on an old story path nothing new in that. The wardrobe designed is not that much according to the period of civilization. The lovers of history will find it entertaining while on the other hand normal man can feel boring.

The soundtrack of the movie is very well composed by multitalented,an Oscar-winning awardee A.R.Rahman. The huge infrastructure grabs the audience curiosity. Music, editing, audio- video effects, and all the technical parameters are presented very well for the entertainment of viewers. As usual, motion pictures perform well.

Star Performances: The film has cast Hrithik Roshan who is best in every field. He has given an excellent performance in everything. He gives complete justice to his role in this movie as expected from his side.Talking about, Pooja Hedge performance she also tried well, but she can do better than this. We can leave her off as it was her debut film and the role was less as compared to Hrithik Roshan. The role of all supporting actors played well.

What’s there?

1. The story is well researched and feels you nostalgic.

2. The Action performances in the cinema.

3. Very good presentation of technical things

What’s not there?

1. Too much time is taken for the love angle.

2. The duration of the movie is short and does not give all things in details.

3. Some factual errors.

Verdict: The film told us about historical places. Many things we come to know about ancient places. Good presentation, excellent technical effects, and a good chance to see Hrithik once again back on a silver screen. For the dialogues, one must watch this movie.