A more-so fancied love story Main Aur Mr Riight speaks volumes of a girl rsquo s desire to find the most suited man for her in the first half while the other

Main Aur Mr Riight Movie Review

Main Aur Mr Riight Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Main Aur Mr Riight"
Runtime: 2 Hours 09 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-12-2014
Genre: Comedy, Romance
2 / 5.0

A more-so fancied love story, Main Aur Mr. Riight speaks volumes of a girl’s desire to find the most suited man for her in the first half, while the other part is more about the love of a guy who was hired to portray her fake partner.


The story mainly revolves around the protagonist, Aliya ( Shenaz Treasurywala), who is a casting director in the films, and her character is marked by style, perfection, etc. which she always shows. Even though she’s portrayed as being the best at everything, she is time and again nagged by her friends on being the lone person for not having a love companion, as others in her group of friends do. Finally, to end the constant nags, she decides to rope in the so-called boyfriend. It’s here where Sukhi ( Barun Sobti) makes his appearance. Sukhi, who is a diehard Salman Khan fan, and himself aspires to become an actor, agrees to the role that Aliya gives him, on the assurance that he will be well paid. So Sukhi now becomes Hridaan for Aliya’s friends and very soon becomes the so called Mr. Right, not just for Aliya, but also for her friends. With time, Hridaan becomes dearer to all in the group.

Aliya’s plans have worked and why wouldn’t they, for she has stolen the show with Hridaan. However, her plans take a beating when a hotel waiter recognizes Sukhi and almost reveals everything to the entire group. The rest of the story is rather a description of whether all her plans will be put to a test by Sukhi’s cover blown, and also whether Aliya expresses similar feelings for Sukhi, while she tries to avoid the embarrassment of letting everyone know the truth.


The movie has come out fairly well and assures a good performance from the debutant actor, Barun.The direction had a positive effect and Barun’s character made an impressive entry. The script though, has been let down with its mediocre storyline.


Barun has done impressively well and can take credit for producing Hridaan so well to the audience. His attitude and actions complement very well and manage to win the hearts. Shenaz might not have had an equally good impression on the critics. However, she has managed to catch up well.


1. Barun’s acting at its virtual best.


1. Shenaz could have made a better impact.

2. The songs in the film might not have anything to vouch for.

3. The second half of the story could have been better.


Though, not in a must-watch category, the movie still has something to offer to the younger audiences.