Plot The plot of the film is basic and does not have much to offer to the audience It is the based on the lifestyle of four different couples who are troubled

Love Ke Funday Movie Review

Love Ke Funday Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Love Ke Funday"
Runtime: 2 hours 11 minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 22-07-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama
2 / 5.0



Plot: The plot of the film is basic and does not have much to offer to the audience. It is the based on the lifestyle of four different couples who are troubled with their commitment and have various problems in their relationship. The first couple is has a problem regarding marriage.

The boy is still troubled by his childhood memories and wants to take some time before marriage. The second couple has differences in their opinions which is an another problem in their relationship. The other two couples also have similar kinds of problems and are facing legitimate issues. The struggles they face and the actions they take to sort them out forms the rest of the story.

Analysis: Indian audience is very fond of romantic comedy, and this film will totally disappoint them. The story is not up to the mark and lacks proper narration and precision in the direction. The performances of the actors are below average, and they needed to work more on their facial expressions as well as the skills to communicate their message. The director has tried to make a film with four stories that are showcased on a parallel basis.

However, he has failed terribly in that and needed more efforts to make it worth the money of the audiences. The first half of the film is ditzy and draggy. The second half also seems the same. The screenplay of the film is average and has been just enough to cross the line. The situation gets worse due to the bad jokes that had been used in the screenplay. But, the music of the film is impressive and Mika has rocked the stage again.

Star Performances: The movie has average performances from the actors and it has felt at most crucial places in the film. The only actors who have made an impact with the performances are Shaleen Bhanot and Pooja Banerjee. Rest of the crew has just made scene dull and expressionless. Indervesh Yogee should be praised for creating a film with such a unique concept.

However, as a director he has not impressed much. The screenplay of the film could have been more precise and less draggy. Mika has been evergreen with his vocals and unique style of singing. It is the only aspect of the film which entertains the audience a bit apart from the beautiful cinematography.

What's there? The film has nothing much to offer to the audience. However, some visuals in the film are mesmerizing, and the scenic beauty has been amazingly pictured in the romantic sequences. It has the unique concept of portraying four stories in a single film. The music of the film has rocked the charts since its release and is very pleasing to watch it on the big screen.

What's not there? The film lack a proper story to entertain the audience. The concept of having four sub-stories in the film is unique but, the makers have failed to portray it in a single thread to make it worth watching. The film also lacks concrete performances from the actors and at crucial places it seems lacking behind and emotionless.

Verdict: The film has nothing much in store to offer the young generation on which it is centered. It is not worth the money and can be skipped this weekend.