Rishank Tiwari is a model turned actor from Madhya Pradesh. Currently residing in Mumbai, Rishank spent his childhood in Saugor Hills. After winning the Mr. Madhya Pradesh title in the year 2009, he got the deserved recognition from the industry. After doing theater for three and a half years, he was able to get an audition for the film Love Ke Funday, directed by Faaiz Anwar and Prem Prakash Gupta, in which he eventually bagged the lead role. He received his schooling from St. Joseph’s High School and graduated from RKDF - Institute of Science and Technology(htt) as a civil engineer. Acting was always on his mind and became his passion since his childhood days.

He celebrates his birthday on January 18. In a recent interview, he expressed how close he is with his family and how they helped him decide an ideal profession. According to him, all his family members wanted different career options for him, and in the hope of fulfilling all their expectations, he decided to become an actor and play the various roles they wanted him to. Rishank is a very religious person, often expressing his faith in Lord Shiva through Facebook and Twitter. His debut movie, Love Ke Funday in 2016, saw him play the role of a guy who ends up having an extra-marital relationship for which he had to work hard to adapt. In his first film, he starred alongside two actresses Ritika Gulati and Samiksha Bhatnagar.

In real life, he is a person full of humour. He does not smoke at all, which was exactly opposite to his character. He has always believed in learning from real life experiences, and that’s what makes his acting natural. We saw his involvement in a few Hindi and Kannada films. He doesn’t want to typecast in a particular role and is open to roles involving steamy scenes or breaking the taboo. He is ready to take on challenging roles which would establish him as a versatile actor. His journey has set an example for all the upcoming actors, how a small town guy can become a part of the Bollywood industry coming through the orthodox pathway of auditions.

Manoj Mitra

Manoj Mitra, who touches 76 years this year, was born in a small village called Dhulihar of Satkhira, Khulna in Bangladesh on 22 December 1938. Being a playwright, director, producer, actor, theater organizer and having written more than thousands of plays and over forty scripts for television and radio, he still stands firm in the artistic society. Since a young age, he was an involved participant in Bengali theater and stage plays whereby he pursued his creative passion for more than five decades. He first started his schooling at home as his father was always moving around for his job. His real school life began after partition took place, in a school near Basirhaat. During his childhood, he was always attracted to plays and jatras which used to occur in the courtyard especially for Durga puja. But he did not take any step towards theater and acting till college. He joined the Scottish Church College and graduated in 1958 with an honors in Philosophy. By that time he started writing for plays and had appeared in various magazines. After his first degree, he studied further for masters. He joined the University of Calcutta for a master in Philosophy and afterward went ahead for his doctorate. He worked as a Philosophy teacher in Suri Vidyasagar College and simultaneously joined the drama department at the Rabindra Bharati University. He started writing, acting and directing the plays at the Sundaram group and in a short time, Manoj Mitra became one of the leading play writers of Bengal. Till now, he has delivered hundreds of excellent and much praised plays such as: Alok nanda putra, jal sajano, aswathama chokhe and many others. Many of his plays were translated into different languages. He is also the winner of several awards and honors such as the Sangeet Natak Academy Award for Best Playwright (1985). Then he won the Calcutta University Award for Best Playwright (1986), in 1983 1989 for West Bengal State Government Award for Best Playwright. In 2005 he won the Asiatic Society’s Gold Medal, in 2011 he won Munir Chowdhury Award from Bangladesh Theatre Society and the recent one is Dinabandhu Puraskar (25 May 2012). Apart from writing plays, Mitra was very much involved in the cinema world. He worked with various directors such as: Basu Chatterjee, Tarun Majumdar, Shakti Samanta and Goutam Ghose. His most appreciated role was in the film Banchharamer Bataan by Tapan Sinha and also for his performance in Ghare Baire and Ganashatru by Satyajit Ray. Manoj Mitra is still the President of the Paschim Banga Natya Akademi group and Sundaram. He still strives for his passion forming new artists to carry on the Bengali theater.

Manoj Mitra Hindi Actor