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Ritika Gulati Hindi Actress

Ritika Gulati

We have seen many outsiders coming to India and doing modeling and performing businesses. However, a freshdesi model Ritika Gulati has set her base in the field and will be reigning the trade when her pictures get released. Ritika Gulati is a model and a performer from New Delhi who has debuted with the flick Love Ke Funday. She has an occupation worth your notice, and you will be astonished to know specifics relating to her personal being. Ritika Gulati was born on 7th October 1991 in New Delhi, India. Until now she resided with her parent's and, used to celebrate her birthday with them. But since she relocated to Mumbai for her profession, she mostly parties on her special day with acquaintances and colleagues. Most of the times, there are get-togethers prearranged during her birthdays. You will be astounded to know that Ritika's household is quite traditional, which entirely contradicts with the impression of her being a model, but this didn’t prevent her from chasing her visions and achieve what she desired. Although her parents weren't supportive in the start, they soon realized that she could have a livelihood in the field. Thus, her parents supported her choice and aided her in the course of becoming a model. Ritika Gulati's profile is evident that she was not attracted to any particular scholastic prerequisites as she already knew what she desired to do, but she finished her graduation first. She also has a certified qualification for being a cosmetics artist. From playschool to her graduation, she accomplished all of it from Delhi before shifting to Mumbai to set up her profession. She was recognized by a manager who was working on a new movie. He found Ritika quite attractive and presented her a role in his flick Love ke Funday. The flick is her entrance Bollywood film and a great chance to prove her determination on the big screen. It would be thrilling to see Ritika's movies in the upcoming days. As of now, there is no one who Ritika Gulati dates, but there can be one as she doesn’t talk about it to the media. There is a long way to go for Ritika Gulati's wedding as she is focused on her career right now.