The story of the film Kaanchi is based on a small town girl To save her town her life takes on the might of three rich powerful and corrupt people and how sh

Kaanchi Movie Review

Kaanchi Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Kaanchi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 31 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 25-04-2015
Genre: Musical, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

The story of the film Kaanchi is based on a small town girl. To save her town, her life takes on the might of three rich, powerful and corrupt people and how she goes into a journey to complete her revenge.

Plot:  Kaanchi (Mishti Mukherjee) is a beautiful girl, who lives in small town of Koshampa in Uttrakhand. She gets into a fight with some local goons, and she still has that innocence in her that is adorable. It is said that she has got this nature of spirit from her late father who was an army man. Her lover Binda (Karthik Aaryan) is a local fitness trainer and just like Kaanchi he wants to save his town from all the wrong doings. That’s when Sanjeev Kakda ( Rishabh Sinha) enters the scene as the central character who is obsessed with Kaanchi, who reluctantly resist, Sanjeev reacts to this incidence. That’s when Kaanchi and Binda embark on her journey from the small town to Mumbai to seek revenge from Kakda family ( consisting of Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty and Rishabh Sinha). She works as a maid at their house and cleverly plots a sting operation in order bring out the corrupt Kakda’s in front of the whole world, who have been involved in hawala money, and other corrupt businesses and this finally completes her revenge.

Analysis: Subhash Ghai, the director of the movie who has given some good movies over the years in different genres, tried to show the might and prowess of today’s women in Kaanchi, has certainly failed to deliver in comparison to the history of his successes. The movie starts off well but then goes into a deep slump, from where there’s no picking and puts the audience into misery.

Performances: Mishti Mukherjee has been really good with her performance as Kaanchi, as she has been able to put across to the demands of the director. Mithun Chakraborty and Rishabh Sinha were brilliant in their roles whereas Rishi Kapoor looked out of sorts in such kind of role. Other actors who are part of the movie have done justice to their roles.

What’s there: The movie is a mix of entertainment while tackling with an interesting issue The Movie has an okayish sort of music that makes up the entertainment portion in the film. The issue of women empowerment taken up in the film is quite essential keeping in mind with today’s need.

What’s not there: The movie lacks smoothness and flow. The director has tried to put too many things in the movie that somehow takes away the interest of the audience from the main topic. The fights in the movie look quite unreal.

Review: The movie is not worth going to theaters and pay handsome amount for tickets. Rather the kind of movie you can either download or wait for it come on TV. The film moves away from the core issue of the story and is too lengthy.