Plot The movie is directed by Nila Madhab Panda who straightaway gets to the heart of the matter without pulsating around the hedges It is a story about inst

I Am Kalam Movie Review

I Am Kalam Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " I Am Kalam"
Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-08-2011
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0


The movie is directed by Nila Madhab Panda, who straightaway gets to the heart of the matter without pulsating around the hedges. It is a story about instruction as well as about kinship and evolving mentality. The movie introduces Chotu (one of the finest tyke act in recent times by national award winner Harsh Mayar) who comes to town with his single mother and his sister to earn their living. As he is working at a tea stall, he always gazes at the school bus and the uniform worn by the children. The audience seems desperate about Chotu’s dream coming true. His mother leaves him with his uncle who owns a tea stall and serves in Haveli and in nearby hotels where foreigners come to stay.

Chotu becomes favorite of the entire tourist as he serves them with great enthusiasm by singing and dancing. He also becomes the blue-eyed boy of Bhatti. Latpan, who is another assistant in Bhatti’s shop, becomes jealous of Chotu. He befriends Kumar Sahab, who is a prince. Chotu wants to become like President Kalam and thus starts a journey of friendship and education. He starts calling himself as Kalam and also copies his hairstyle.

Star Performances

Harsh Mayar has proven that he is one of the finest actors.Husaan Saad has done a commendable performance. Gulshan Grover has also done full justice to his role.


India is considered a developing nation with more than 70% populace below the poverty line. Whenever we go to market, we overlook the situation. As bystanders, we watch little children working in tea stalls to meet their day’s meal. Once a while someone tries to feel about those kids, their wishes and needs. Although they are ignored, they tend to live in their world of hope and love. Then a movie came “I am Kalam” dealing with the issues such as child labor. It additionally mirrors that the youthful era is more capable and sensible than the old conventional ones, and they have the ability to construct the country through their liberal perspective.

What’s there?

  • Debutant Nila Madhab Panda knows his art and with co-author Sanjay Chauhan they made enchantment on screen.
  • The character of Chotu otherwise known as Kalam is composed with extreme sensibilities.


It is a must watch movie for those who listen to their hearts.