Salman Khan Sohail Khan and Sharman Joshi get along perfectly for the remake of quot One Night at the Call Center quot by Chetan Bhagat The book might be a

Hello Movie Review

Hello Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Hello"
Runtime: 2 Hours 09 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 10-10-2008
Genre: Drama, Romance
1.8 / 5.0

Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, and Sharman Joshi get along perfectly for the remake of "One Night at the Call Center" by Chetan Bhagat. The book might be a bestseller, but the movie was not even near its mark. The plot was the same as the book, with very minute changes being implemented. Gul Panag shared a romantic chemistry with Sharman Joshi.


The movie starts with a bang with Salman Khan being featured as a Bollywood actor. While flying in his private helicopter near Delhi, Khan(Salman Khan) luckily survives a crash. He settles himself in a lounge and comes along a beautiful woman ( Katrina Kaif). The beautiful lady narrates a story of six friends and their boss working for a call center in Mumbai. Sam (Sharman Joshi), Priyanka (Gul Panag), Varun (Sohail Khan), Esha ( Isha Koppikar), and Radhika ( Amrita Arora) cast as five friends and Sharat Saxena is casted as the military Uncle. On their way back home after from a party, Varun loses control of the wheels and dashes into a construction site. They get stuck on the edge of an under construction road. Any movement in the car can take away their lives. Sam tries to make a call, but the phone has no charge, which angers him, and he thrashes the phone on the floor of the car, resulting in breakage. After a while, the broken phone receives a call, and they answer it out of curiosity. They find out its God, and they are told to be calm and that all will be OK. After some time, the site workers come to their rescue. Khan asks the lady how she knew all the six friends; she said the very words God told them. Following her out of the lounge, Khan loses sight of her and believes in himself. His ride gets fixed and he finds a way back to his original destination.


“One night at the Call Center," was a national best-seller by our Indian Author, Chetan Bhagat. In spite of contribution to some lines for the movie, "Hello", it was a flop in all respects. Salman and Katrina's cameo appearance did add some flavor to the movie, including their duo cast for the song "Bang Bang." But, "Hello" was a sloppy project based on the bestseller book.


Sharman Joshi, Gul Panag, and Isha Koppikar gave an average boost to the movie. Salman and Katrina's small role gave some regular talk to "Hello", but in spite of all the positive factors, "Hello" was just a name on the flop list.


1. Salman and Katrina’s duo cast for a short role in the movie.

2. Salman’s bang entry for the song, “Bang Bang”.

3. An exciting first half.


1. A trembling outcast of the book.

2. Too much of filmy sentiments attached, making it an expected plot for anyone who haven’t read the book.


Salman did great in his cameo appearance in the songs as well as his small part in the movie with Katrina. However, don't expect too much, just watch it for the cast.