Fatso is an Indian comedy film released in the year 2012 The film was directed by Rajat nbsp Kapoor and produced by Pritish Nandi and Fauzia nbsp Arshi The st

Fatso! Movie Review

Fatso! Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Fatso!"
Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 04-05-2012
2 / 5.0

Fatso is an Indian comedy film released in the year 2012. The film was directed by Rajat Kapoor and produced by Pritish Nandi and Fauzia Arshi. The story of the film has inspired by some Hollywood flicks like ‘Here Comes Mr. Jordan’ and ‘Haeven can wait’.

The film starts with couple Nandini (Gul Panag) and Navin (Purab Kohli), who are about to get married. And one night before their marriage Navin goes for a party with his friend Sudeep (Ranvir Shorey), who has overweight. On that night, they both meets with an accident and Navin died in place of Sudeep. When the person in heaven realizes this then, they send his soul toSudeep’s body. And the rest film is all about how Navin impresses the girl with very fatty and a heavy body. And what problem he faces in his path?

Rajat Kapoor is a great actor and exceptionally great director; he always chooses an out of the box script and makes it ultimately good. But this time, he fails to get a good script, and the story seems like inspired from many Hollywood flick. At some points film starts getting bored; the audience does not connect with audience properly.

Star performance:
The actors did a nice job with their good roles. But no one is that much noticeable. There are two leads in the film, in the first half Purab Kohli takes the command in his hand, and he creates an impressive image. His romance and chemistry with Gul Panag look very casuals. Gul Panahdid an alright performance, she does not get many lines in the film but still she performs well. In second half Ranvir Shorey takes command in his hand and creates a nice performance, but he too fails to create a good chemistry with Gul Panag.

What’s there?
1. The film has lots of comedy scenes which will make you laugh.
2.RajatKapoor created the film in a very satirical way; they compared the heaven with any government office in the India.
3. The shots of the film are very nicely done.

What’s not there?
1. The music of the film does not work; it doesn’t go with the feel of the film.
2. The film looks very long, and its audience loses interest in the film.
3. Some of the good actors like VinayPathak do not get a proper role.

Fatso is a nice satirical comedy film which tickles your funny bone, but you may have seen such films in Hollywood if you have not then watch the film.