Dare You is a Drama -Thriller movie directed by Deepak Tijori and Mehul Simaria, produced by Narasi Vasani, featuring Alisha Khan and Hitesh Kapoor as the leadi

Dare You Movie Review

Dare You Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Dare You"
Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-03-2016
Genre: Drama, Thriller
2 / 5.0

Dare You Click to look into! >> Read More... Dare You is a Drama -Thriller movie directed by Deepak Tijori The movie Aashiqui (1990) brought name and fame to >> Read More... Deepak Tijori and Mehul Simaria Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Mehul Simaria , produced by Narasi Vasani, featuring Alisha Khan Alisha Khan is an Indian model and actress. She is >> Read More... Alisha Khan and Hitesh Kapoor as the leading cast, while Sumit Gaddi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sumit Gaddi appears for crucial supporting roles. Cinematography handled by Jennifer Lucien, Pawan Srivastava as the movie editor, Jayesh Gandhi Jayesh Gandhi is an Indian playback singer and gui >> Read More... Jayesh Gandhi , Chirantan Bhatt Chirantan Bhatt is an Indian music composer who se >> Read More... Chirantan Bhatt and Kary Arora as music director.

Plot: The Film depicts the story of Alisha Khan as Rani Diwan, taking a bold stand against the rape.The poster shows Alisha Khan as showing middle finger and reinforcing the philosophy of youth of 'My life, my rules'. 'Alisha plays the role of 'Rani,’ a firm Desirous girl from Kashmir, who comes to Mumbai to pursue her dream to complete graduation from Pune University. As time passes by, her talent and charisma make her the most familiar girl in the college, moreover, she molds herself in the college environment easily, and becomes eminent all this time.

The story rolls on with a crime scene where a police officer narrates a story to a journalist about a case of pair murder. It is about a group of crazy students, calling themselves "Dare You" gang. The police officer is in charge of the investigation. In the meantime, while police officer interrogates gang member and investigates the case, another murder of a "Dare You" gang member takes place. As the story take turn and rolls, the story unfolds that a girl named Rani Diwan (Alisha Khan) was gang-raped remorselessly and hence the murders apparently were acts of her revenge.

Analysis: The story line of the movie starts with a happy note while ends up with a serious note and tactics of youth to stand against the crime such as rape with a fearless attitude without buckling down. The journey of Rani undergoes into turns of adventures, and her worries attitude turns her unknowingly and unintentionally attracting up some notorious college guys, who set lustful sight on her, end up raping her. After this terrifying incident, Rani shows illustrative and courageous attitude and ends up avenging the crime all by herself, rather than reporting the matter to the police; she kills those the four men, who were involved in raping her.

And there is the climax scene of the movie; She punishes all those men and kills them outrageously. So this movie is all about Rani's journey to make rapists meet their must deserving end. Dare you is the story of an Indian girl taking a bold stand against rape. The character of Rani depicts the fearless attitude of youth and tact to deal with such situations. Dare you is the voice of youth.

Star Performance: Alisha Khan is the new bold actress in B-town, tried her best to squeeze the role of Rani Dewan in the flick with a fascinating person to unveil her role.Her mental perception and opinion gave a glance in her role as well.The actress was seemingly comfortable in her role, and the character of Rani Dewan has been vivid on the curtain.

What’s there?

• The movie does have a good plot and script as it bounces on the crucial issue among society.

• The chemistry between the characters was good, keeping in mind the scenes and screenplay.

• The Cinematography of the film was slightly above neutral as it features the locations by visuals.

• Considering the budget and casting of the movie, the film delivers an okay choreography.

What’s not there?

• The screenplay could be put at a better level. Also, the direction of the flick was not Versatile.

• The acting done by the cast was not up to the mark.

• The Music direction was below Average, as it lacks in synchronization with the scenes.

• The dispersal of flow in the film shorts.

Verdict I think if you have a lot of money to waste then I think you should go and watch this movie because this movie has nothing good. Makers tried their hard to attract people with this story plot, but I think that’s become the negative point of the movie too.