CROOK It rsquo s good to be bad is a story about the Australian-Indo-racial war told with a commercial element PLOT nbsp Jai Dixit is the bad boy role pl

Crook Movie Review

Crook  Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Crook"
Runtime: 2 Hours 01 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-10-2010
Genre: Thriller
1.5 / 5.0

CROOK: It’s good to be bad is a story about the Australian-Indo-racial war told with a commercial element.


Jai Dixit is the bad boy role played by Emraan, who deals with the selling of pirated DVD’s. He is sent to Australia by his well-wisher to lead a clean life. His identity is changed to Suraj from Jai.When he arrives at the airport he meets Suhani; the female lead played by Neha.She has come to pick up Romi. 
Suraj fools Suhani by saying himself to be Romi, and they both depart from the airport.Samarth’s role, which is played by Arjan is an activist against Australians.He is the brother of Suhani. In one phase of riots break out between Australians and Indians. In that chaos, Suraj meets Nichole. She is the sister of the attackers and works in a strip club. Emraan moves intimately with Nichole.The plot takes off when Samarth wants to kill Nichole and blame Suraj for the same. At the end of the film, Samarth is killed by Romi and Suraj joins with Suhani.


Emraan’s roles nowadays look like he doesn’t want to risk himself by taking any other type of roles.As we can see that Suraj’s character is more similar to that of Jannat’s Emraan. In few places, he was terrible with his expressions. Intimate and romantic scenes were handled better by him.
Neha Sharma’s pretty appearance was of no use in this film since this script needed a person with better acting skills. Arjan did an impressive job.


Music by Pritam was commendable. Magical numbers make the movie watchable for the people in the theatre.


  • For dealing with a current affair, the script could have been better. 
  • Casting could have been better.
  • The movie could have been researched well. 
  • Most of the first half were all about romance.
  • The main purpose takes off in the second half.


 A movie which could have worked on the predicaments of Indians in Australia finally turns out to be a not-so-good love affair.