A horror movie created using an alien-like creature in a fantasy genre PLOT nbsp The movie kickstarts in a happy mood A hotel is being opened Ahana role

Creature 3D Movie Review

Creature 3D Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Creature 3D"
Runtime: 2 Hours 14 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-09-2014
Genre: Horror
1.5 / 5.0

A horror movie created using an alien-like creature in a fantasy genre.


The movie kickstarts in a happy mood. A hotel is being opened Ahana role played by Bipasha Basu. A party is being set up.In that party, Ahana meets Kunal.They both fall for each other.Ahana develops curiosity and becomes impatient when an unknown weird looking creature that looks half human and half dinosaur kills her guests one by one.When approached a zoologist he suggested that those creatures are called Brahmaeakshas. On their way to meet the zoologist, Kunal discloses his identity and admits that he is the reason behind Ahana’s father’s death.Knowing this, Ahana breaks down into anger and breaks up with him.

Ahana remains determined to kill the 10 foot creature that is kiiling humans one after the other.At the end with the help of Rana (Inspector) and zoologist, Ahana sets out to kill the creature. Eventually, Rana and zoologist are killed by the creature.The movie comes to an end where Kunal saves Ahana from that creature, and they patch up once again.


Bipasha has come out with a good performance in spite of the poor script. She is collaborating with Vikram Bhatt for the third time and has performed what the director has demanded, with ease. Imran as a newcomer fails as far as expressions are concerned. The 10-feet creature is impressive. Mukul Dev was convincing.


  • Edge of the seat moment scenes were designed beautifully by Vikram Bhatt.
  • Cinematography and editing were praiseworthy and added on to the narrative element.


  • VFX-loaded movie that was unwelcoming and did not impress anyone.
  • The chemistry between Imran and Bipasha is not appealing. 
  • The script is written very poorly.
  • Background score was loud at places.


The film may be different, but it doesn’t meet one’s expectations.