A gang of kids from a colony nearby face some issues with the welfare minister and try their best to win the game Watch them protect the most innocent part of

Chillar Party Movie Review

Chillar Party Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Chillar Party"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 08-07-2011
3.75 / 5.0

A gang of kids from a colony nearby face some issues with the welfare minister, and try their best to win the game. Watch them protect the most innocent part of their gang, Bhidu. The film deals with a lot of political and emotional sentiments that teach us some things when we come out of the theater.


The film is about a gang of carefree kids from Chandan society, who are nicknamed after their qualities. Like a boy who bowls fast is named as Akram, The boys who have a good brain is named Encyclopedia. They are popularly known as the Chillar Party.

The most difficult thing for them in life is to win a cricket match from the team of a nearby colony, and the biggest enemy of their life is the dog named loose motion. Now enter Fatka who is named after the job he does which is to clean the vehicles of the society with his dog named Bhidu, The chillar party tries to the fullest to through Fatka and Bhidu out of their society but they get failed every time.

Eventually, they develop a friendship with fatka as he servers as the star fast bowler in the matches with nearby colony. After some time the personal secretary of the welfare minister hurts Fatka which results in secretary getting attacked by Bhidu, this irritates the hell out of the minister Bhidu, and He announces that all the stray dogs of Mumbai will be caught and terminated by the authorities for the well-being of the people of Mumbai.

If the dog has to be saved then the society has to submit an NOC to the government containing the consent of atleast 50% of the society members. Chillar party tries their heart out to get 31 votes for the Noc, but they have to go through many hardships like a Chaddhi march and also a live debate with Bhide on television. Now to find out if they can save Bhidu. Watch the film.


Chillar Party is a film about kids, but It has a very deep messages for adults too. In this film the director has tried to showcase the story through a child’s point of view and we enjoy watching the movie with a child as a protagonist. This film explains both side of childhood the naughty one and the innocent one, some scenes can make swipe some tears off your eyes.

Star performances:

The main Usp of this movie are the kids, and they have tried the best to be natural and calm throughout the movie. One of the kids who caught the most eyes is Jhangiya, he is the kid who never wears underwear, he entertains the audience quite well. Nobody could have played fatka better than Irfan khan.

What’s there?

1. Humor, emotion, fun with a deep message throughout

2. It will make you feel nostalgic and will make you remember your childhood days.

3. Also an item number by Ranbir kapoor.

What’s not there?

1. The Huge star cast and foreign locations which are anyways not necessary 


Chillar Party is a movie that can’t be missed by kids, and a must watch for adults.