There are very few movies which won rsquo t let you blink until they are over Bhouri is surely one of them It is a quest of lust dominance and superstition

Bhouri Movie Review

Bhouri Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Bhouri"
Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 17-06-2016
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0

There are very few movies which won’t let you blink until they are over. Bhouri is surely one of them. It is a quest of lust, dominance, and superstition. Made on the backdrop of rural mindset, Bhouri is a struggle of a woman, torn in between those in power and those who bat on superstitions.

Plot It is a story of a girl, Bhouri, who is in her mid-twenties and is extremely alluring. She is considered manhoos (ominous) by the people in her village. Bhouri has married thrice, and all her husbands died. The villagers believe that she is a curse in any marriage, and it is because of her that the three husbands died. She is abused and harassed due to all of this. She is now married to a 54-year old brick kiln worker, Dhanwa.The villagers believe that even Dhanwa will die because of her. All those in power- the politicians, police, and muscle-men - want to sleep with her and to do so they pressurize and harass Dhanwa. He tries to protect Bhouri from all the vicious clutches until he falls ill. It is then that Bhouri auctions herself amongst all and then does something unbelievable which leaves the whole village in a state of shock.

Analysis The movie is a stunner and depicts the ground reality of the Indian rural areas. The movie, all throughout, has some interesting twists and turns. It gets under your skin and indeed, shakes the inner soul. The movie indeed scans and depicts the blatant truth of our society. The movie has only one villain, and that is its honesty. One can easily feel the status of women in our society at rural level.

Star performances The movie does not boast a star cast but has many known faces of Indian cinema. Peepli Live fame Raghuveer Yadav is playing Dhanwa, who has pulled out the role rather brilliantly. Whereas Marsha Paur indeed proved her mettle with her acting and dialogue delivery as she portrayed Bhouri. Aditya Pancholi Aditya Pancholi is one of the well known actors o >> Read More... , Kunickaa Sadananand, Shakti Kapoor Personal life: Shakti Kapoor was born in Delhi, In >> Read More... , Mohan Joshi Mohan Joshi was born in 4th September 1945 on Bang >> Read More... , Mukesh Tiwari Mukesh Tiwari is an artist known for his work in t >> Read More... , Manoj Joshi Manoj Joshi is an Indian television, theatre and f >> Read More... and Seetaram Panchal have also played important roles and did justice to the characters.

What’s there?

1. Drama and a lot of reality. The movie has displayed the dire conditions of rural areas flawlessly and shows how male chauvinism and superstitions have overshadowed logic and humanity.

2. Some intense dialogue delivery which is rough, nasty and typically rural in nature.

3. A strong and direct message to the audience.

4. Some satirical foot-tapping songs.

What’s not there?

1. The film misses certain significant parts of rural setup, say panchayats, casteism, etc.

2. No solution to the problem how to curb superstitions and male chauvinism.

3. Some missing leads in the storyline.

4. The climax could have been better.

Verdict This is a must watch. A story etched with reality and drama glued with some tangy songs; the movie is well-knitted altogether. An out-of-the-box movie, Bhouri will make you crave for such masterpieces.