ldquo Ankur Arora Murder Case rdquo is from a relatively new genre in Bollywood movies being labeled as a medical thriller and dealing with the apparent med

Ankur Arora Murder Case- Hypocrisy overtaking Hippocrates Movie Review

Ankur Arora Murder Case- Hypocrisy overtaking Hippocrates  Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Ankur Arora Murder Case"
Runtime: 2 Hours 09 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-06-2013
Genre: Thriller
2.8 / 5.0

Ankur Arora Murder Case” is from a relatively new genre in Bollywood movies, being labeled as a medical thriller, and dealing with the apparent medical negligence of established and renowned doctors, whose soaring reputations make them casual and careless about their sincerity towards their profession. There are indications that the basic plot of the movie is influenced by an actual incident that has been developed by Vikram Bhatt who has story writing credits for the film.

Plot: The film draws upon a host of characters from the medical world, interacting as they are within the premises of the Shekhawat General Hospital (SGH) – the most well known among them being Dr. Asthana, portrayed by Kay Kay Menon, the Chief of Surgery. At the other end of the spectrum is Dr. Romesh, played by Arjun Mathur, the young medical intern whose role model was the towering figure of Dr Asthana. Completing his love life was his co-intern Riya (played by Vishakha Singh), with whom he shared a live in relationship. The tranquillity of the SGH is shattered when an eight-year-old boy, Ankur ( Vishesh Tiwari) loses his life due to Dr. Asthana's medical negligence. This incident also shatters Romesh’s hitherto held belief that a good surgeon would also be a good person.

The indignation over the incident galvanises Romesh, and along with the victim’s mother Nandita (portrayed by Tisca Chopra), and lawyer Kajori Sen, played by Paoli Dam, they join hands to build up a strong movement to expose his former mentor and ideal and bring justice for the hapless parents. While truth does prevail in the end, it is not without several hurdles for Romesh, including the chances of his losing his beloved Riya and also a budding career in one of the better-known hospitals. What immediately stands out after viewing the film is its genuineness in the presentation of a specialised profession, with no gloss-over. The narration is mostly straight forward and makes its impact on the thought processes.

Review: Films on contemporary issues– especially the types which grab the BREAKING NEWS tags on TV are becoming quite common, but a film on medical negligence which rather than preaches, puts the facts squarely, is indeed deserving of appreciation. Where Suhail Tatari the directors slips a bit, is in the building up of the drama, to attract audience interest. This happens due to the predictability of the screenplay, bereft of any element of surprise. Also, the portrayal of the incidents whether in the hospital or in the court room are placed so matter-of-factly that it tends to appear bland.

Star Performances: The performance of Kay Kay Menon in the title role is truly of a high class capturing all the shades of the complex character while Tisca Chopra as the hapless mother also pitches in with proper performance. At last Arjun Mathur gets to play a significant role and matches wits with the more accomplished Kay Kay Menon admirably. Amongst others who attract attention to their portrayal, is Paoli Dam as the lawyer, showing her skills to the fore.

Technical Aspects: Ideally, the film should have been without any songs, but the inevitable happens with the songs only coming as a deterrent to the flow of events. The camera work of Jalees Oberoi is adequate for the settings which are primarily indoors.

Verdict: For a film that delves into a relatively new genre in a subtle manner and on a theme which draws heavily from real life situations, it has the ingredients to make it a watchable one.