lsquo Aamras rsquo is a coming-of-age youth film directed by Rupali Guha It is set up on the school life of four teenage girls PLOT The film is based on

Aamras Movie Review

Aamras  Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Aamras"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 11-09-2009
Genre: Drama
2 / 5.0

Aamras’ is a coming-of-age youth film directed by Rupali Guha. It is set up on the school life of four teenage girls.


The film is based on four school-going girls, Sanya ( Anchal Sabharwal), Jiya ( Vega Tamotia), Rakhi ( Maanvi Gagroo), and Pari ( Natasha Bhardwaj), who are all best buddies. All of them belong to different family backgrounds. Jiya has lost her hearing and her father in an accident, and now she lives with her mother in Mumbai. They are best friends and share a no-sorry no-thank-you mantra. One day, the school plans a picnic trip, and Jiya can't afford that trip. So, Rakhi steals money from her father and they go to the trip. There, Jiya meet a guide named Johnny, and they both feel attracted to one another. Everything was going well until someone leaks an MMS of Pari. In this situation, how they react and what they did? The remaining story is based on that.


The film has a very fresh plot. It will absolutely remind you of your school days and what kind of witty stuff you used to do in your school. The director got a very free and fresh plot, but she fails to do justice with the script. She also maintained her T.V. serial style in the film, which makes it boring.


All lead roles have been played by the girls- Sanya (Anchal Sabharwal), Jiya (Vega Tamotia), Rakhi (Maanvi Gagroo), and Pari ( Ntasha Bhardwaj). All of them did justice to their character. Zarina Wahab did an alright performance as Jiya’s mother. All other actors in supporting characters did an average performance.


1. The film has the fresh plot, which is different from other youth-centric stories.

2. All the lead characters did fantabulous work.

3. The film has beautiful music given by Shamir Tandon and Loveleen Mishra.


1. The direction and screenplay could have been better.

2. The editing of the film is really poor; it contains a lot of unnecessary scenes.


The film is okay, it can be watched once with friends.