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Vincent and Roxxy is a 2016 American crime thriller written and directed by Gary Michael Schultz. The movie is produced by Keith Kjarval. The movie stars Emile

Vincent-N-Roxxy Movie Review

Vincent-N-Roxxy Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Vincent-N-Roxxy"
Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video
Runtime: 02 Hour 00 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-06-2017
3 / 5.0
3.53 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Keith Kjarval
  • Director:
  • Gary Michael Schultz
  • Movie Actor:
  • Emile Hirsch
  • Jared Bankens
  • Lance Tafelski
  • Beau Knapp
  • Hakim Callender
  • Kim Collins
  • Emory Cohen
  • Zoë Kravitz
  • Joey Bicicchi
  • Sheldon Frett
  • Jason Mitchell
  • Jeff Gum
  • Scott Mescudi
  • Movie Actress:
  • First Assistant Director:
  • Kim Barnard
  • Second Assistant Director:
  • Cassandra Santiago
  • Co-Producer:
  • Tyler Jackson

Vincent and Roxxy is a 2016 American crime thriller written and directed by Gary Michael Schultz. The movie is produced by Keith Kjarval. The movie stars Emile Hirsch Emile Davenport Hirsch is a well-known American ac >> Read More... , Zoë Kravitz, Emory Cohen Emory Cohen is a versatile American actor best kno >> Read More... , Zoey Deutch Zoey Deutch is an American Film Actress and Produc >> Read More... , Beau Knapp Beau Knapp is an American born actor. He works in >> Read More... , Jason Mitchell Born on January 5, 1987 in New Orleans, Louisiana, >> Read More... and Kid Cudi Kid Cudi is a stage name of American actor and sin >> Read More... . The cinematography of the movie is done by Alex Disenhof. The editing of the movie was done under the supervision of Bruce Cannon. The music and background scores of the movie are composed by Questlove. The production was done by the production companies Unified Pictures and Bron Capital Partners.


The film starts with Vincent dealing with a gang leader about money. He then encounters Roxxy, who seems to be beaten up by a man. He saves her and both of them escape. Vincent, JC, Vincent’s brother and Kate, JCs girlfriend grow closer with Roxxy. Everything goes fine until the problems of each character are unveiled. Vincent catches a car following them. He finds out that they are the same people who were after Roxxy. Soon, everybody is held hostage by them. Suga is the head of the attackers. Suga kills everyone and Roxxy somehow escapes. Roxxy, enraged, hunts down Suga and brutally kills him, seeking her revenge.

Star Performances

Emile Hirsch as Vincent has done a fantastic job in portraying the title role. Zoë Kravitz as Roxxy is exceptional in her role and matches the character well. Emory Cohen as J.C and Zoey Deutch as Kate are fantastic in their brief roles.Kid Cudi as Suga is amazing in the role of the villain and fits fine in his role. Beau Knapp as Darryl and Jason Mitchell as Cordell are also excellent in their supporting roles. All actors have excellent chemistry with each other.


The movie has got an interesting thought in its plot and is enough to keep the audience engrossed. The movie feels a little slow and out of pace. The movie at times feels like it lacks proper narration. The movie has a lot of action and thrill but it feels like it lacks proper execution. The story feels real and quite does the job. The movie turns into ending the love relationship that bloomed between the lead characters. The actors have done a notable job and are amazing on screen.

What's There?

  • Terrific screenplay and framework. The action is thrilling and ravishing.
  • A new and intriguing plot that keeps you hooked.
  • Impressive actors and theme-based narrative.

What's Not There?

  • Lack of proper pace and narration speed.
  • The movie feels bland and odd at times.


The movie is fun, thrilling and action packed and pretty much satisfactory. The movie feels slow and off track at times but worth it. The movie won't bore you, if you watch it in your leisure time.



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