Margaret Thatcher a role essayed by Meryl Streep was the first lady Prime Minister of the Parliament of Britain She was a fairly strong lady Her husband De

The Iron Lady Movie Review

The Iron Lady Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Iron Lady"
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 13-01-2012
3 / 5.0



Margaret Thatcher, a role essayed by Meryl Streep, was the first lady Prime Minister of the Parliament of Britain. She was a fairly strong lady. Her husband, Denis, portrayed by Jim Broadbent, was a strong pillar of support for her. Her world, however, collapsed around her when her husband died, leaving her alone in her strife in life.

She takes down a slog on the memory lane and to her days of youth. When going through the belongings of her husband, she starts remembering him. Denis’ ghost continues to be her support system, through the thick and the thin of her endeavors only so long as she doesn’t give away his belongings to charity. 

Meryl Streep does a remarkable job playing this strong, confident and brave figure of Margaret. The movie does immense justice to scenes that depict her reigning success in the viciously dominating world of men. Meryl ultimately steals everyone’s heart with the kind of grace she brings into her role and seems like a fitting choice for a lady as superior as Thatcher.

It is, however, very disappointing and unfortunate to have a strong movie with an equally weak storyline. It would’ve been bliss if the story of the movie resonated with the lady’s persona in strength and character. The narrative of the film is distracting and unstructured. The movie talks only very briefly of the fame Margaret had politically and focused particularly on some moments of her life. As much as this movie may be loosely structured and lack in the overall strength, it still is fascinating to see Meryl essay the role of possibly one of the most revered ladies of all time. 


This movie should be watched specifically to appreciate the strength of Meryl’s acting skills and pay tribute to Britain’s first lady Prime Minister.