This movie is based on Jonathan Ames 39 s novel This movie was scripted and directed by Shari Springer and Robert Pulcini PLOT The story revolves around Kev

The Extra Man Movie Review

The Extra Man Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " The Extra Man"
Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 30-07-2010
Genre: Action
2.5 / 5.0

This movie is based on Jonathan Ames's novel. This movie was scripted and directed by Shari Springer and Robert Pulcini. PLOT: The story revolves around Kevin Kline and Paul Dano, who are writers sharing the same apartment. They gradually develop a mentor-student relationship between them. While Dano happens to be a cross-dresser, Kline is considered to be an escort among the high society people. ANALYSIS: The director duo has succeeded in bringing a copy of the novel onto the screen. But they have failed to provide a feel that the book gave to us. The script is not much lively and spirited.The movie is not completely a package of fun. Light jokes are present in few instances. The directors do not provide the exact reason for why they happened to be like this. But some secondary scenes are presented, that possess the deep meaning behind all the happenings. The audiences are expected to understand the meaning between the lines that may unravel the real story. STAR PERFORMANCES: Kline handles his dialogues beautifully. It can also be said that he plays with his lines. Whereas Dano is facing a dilemma in the type of performance to be delivered. The emotional trauma and social problems faced by his character make it unclear. His character does not have any idea of how to respond. The cast gave their best to portray these different characters. WHAT'S THERE? The story is unpredictable. Different such scenes make us guess what the next scene will be. WHAT'S NOT THERE? Though the story was not able to be predicted, they miserably failed to make any sense. It is unsure that the movie will impress the majority of the audience, as the humor is not catchy, and we get it only when we watch it with full concentration. VERDICT: A movie that deals with our patience.