A directorial venture of Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure film It is about the first family of the world Patriarc

The Croods Movie Review

The Croods Movie Review English
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " The Croods"
Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 22-03-2015
Genre: Comedy, Family
3.5 / 5.0



A directorial venture of Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders, The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure film. It is about the first family of the world, Patriarch Grug the man of the family played by Nicolas Cage, his wife, Ugga played by Catherine Keener, their teenage daughter Eep played by Emma Stone, their son Thunk played by Clark Duke and Gran played by Cloris Leachman.

They live in a cave that has always shielded them but one day the cave is destroyed. After this incident the family starts a journey of a lifetime, traveling across a glorious landscape, they search an astounding new world filled with incredible living beings, and their perspective is changed forever.

The Croods deserves high praise and appreciation! Not just the kids, but adults will love it too. This has been made for all age groups. It is very different from many animated movies; it is smart, funny, adventurous and very meaningful. One cannot stop giggling throughout this film. The visual effects are very fascinating; the movie is a wondrous imagination. At times, it pulls the heartstrings with such impactful scenes, a perfect example of a light-hearted comedy about a small little family.

The Croods have taken animation and fiction to a whole new level of excellence. It has elements that makes it beautiful and thoughtful; you don’t want it to end. Kids would go crazy after this movie, and if you are an adult, it will bring back memories from your childhood and a smile on your face. The casing is excellent, the chemistry between the characters are splendid. The talent of the actors and dazzling animation stood out in a way. The Croods is undoubtedly the star of animation films, guaranteed enjoyment.