Cinema Line: Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios Plot: Riley is born in Minnesota. Inside her mind, Joy first appeared to be in her core memory.

Inside Out Movie Review

Inside Out Movie Review English
Review for the film " Inside Out"
Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 19-06-2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
4.3 / 5.0



Cinema Line: Walt Disney Walt Disney or Walter Elias Disney was an American >> Read More... Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios

Plot: Riley is born in Minnesota. Inside her mind, “ Joy Click to look into! >> Read More... Joy ” first appeared to be in her core memory. Followed by “Sadness”, “Fear”, “Disgust”, and “Anger.” As she ages, the five emotions become a part of her core memory. Not until his parents moved to Los Angeles and sold their house. As a new kid in school, it is difficult to cope up. She suffered different emotions and everything fell into chaos. Joy and Sadness, inside her mind were sucked up by the vacuum that pushed Riley to lose her emotions and become a different person. As Joy and Sadness struggle their way back, they met Bing Bong, her imaginary friend that helped Sadness and Joy to go back in proper time to restore order in her emotions. Successfully as Joy and Sadness went back, Riley didn’t go back after school and planned to leave her parents. She had confronted her parents and all changes that happened in her life as a new kid in town exploded, and one by one everything falls into place while her father hugging her. The core memories were not restored; instead mixes of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger become her core memories.

I am expecting more of like “Monsters Inc.” or “Rise of the Guardian.” However, as an avid bookworm and movie bump, I’d rather say that, the best part of this movie is the lesson that we can learn from it. I will not say that I understand Riley, in her position, to feel being an outcast. I would rather say that, we will never understand our children for the reason, that they have their own way to think and decide as they grow. We were once kids, often called to be hard heads and stubborn. The best thing we can do is to nurture our children that, we are always with them in every aspect of their life. Though they will sense too far from our busy lives, they will feel more comfortable that their parents were always there to support.

This movie deserves to get “4 out of 5 stars.” Walt Disney and Pixar never fail to surprise us with their unique stories and clean computer graphics. That contributes a lot in the development of this movie, though this movie is quite extensive and hard to grasp by a younger kid. I believe that, their intention is to encourage parents and elders to watch the movie along with their kids, for better explanation and create a bond between them. The creative idea of turning the emotions to character is really great.

Voice Cast: Amy Poehler Amy Poehler is an American actress, comedian, dire >> Read More... Amy Poehler – as Joy

Phyllis Smith Phyllis is an actor of American ethnicity. She was >> Read More... Phyllis Smith – as Sadness

Lewis Black Lewis Niles Black is an actor, author, playwright, >> Read More... Lewis Black - as Anger

                    Bill Hader – as Fear

Mindy Kaling Kaling Vera Mindy is professionally known as a fam >> Read More... Mindy Kaling – Disgust

                    Kaitlyn Dias – as Riley

Diane Lane Diane Lane is an Oscar-nominated American actress, >> Read More... Diane Lane – as Riley’s mother

                    Kyle MacLachlan – as Riley’s father

                    Richard Kind – as Bing Bong