Plot It is a story of a family particularly a husband and wife trying to run away from the monotony of their boring and routine life in order to add some spi

Date Night Movie Review

Date Night Movie Review English
Review for the film " Date Night"
Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-04-2010
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance
3 / 5.0



Plot: It is a story of a family, particularly a husband and wife, trying to run away from the monotony of their boring and routine life in order to add some spice and spontaneity. When they plan a ‘date night’, things don't remain all the same.

What you may like:

1. One of the most fascinating parts about this movie is the impeccable and flawless chemistry between the characters which will just make you relate so much to the movie that it will be impossible for you to be bored of it. 

2. It is not just the main cast that will fascinate you so much but also the amount of cameos and the kind of actors that will appear as guests in the plot is also very fascinating and quite enjoyable.

3. The movie has a very well weighed out balance between sentiments that are portrayed in the whole of the film. There is an apt amount of laughter which is mixed with a good amount of emotions.

4. Another thing that will really take you by surprise is the kind of beautiful timing that the actors have between the two. It is not just about acting out your part of the roles but also improvising on your roles with a very clear perfection and the actors have done it quite well.

What you may dislike:

1. The most disappointing part of any movie is if you can sit through the movie telling exactly what will happen in the next scenes.This movie too is predictable.

2. The movie is strong not because of the script but because of the actors. The script per se has absolutely no strength or substance. If this was not for the actors, the movie would really have drowned.

3. Both Tina and Steve are talented actors who have a perfect timing. Although their talent seems to be rather wasted on a film that doesn't have any strong base line. 

Verdict: If at all you plan on watching this movie, you can do so but only in order to appreciate the kind of work that the main leads, Tina and Steve have done.