Rapid Fire With Madhuri Dixit!

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Rapid Fire With Madhuri Dixit!

Madhuri Dixit had been the top star in Bollywood in the 90s and at the beginning of 2000s. She had been the favorite actress not only in Bollywood but in the southern industries too. Although she is not frequently seen in the movies now, she has been appearing in the reality shows as the judge or the guest. In a recent interview, Madhuri answered sharp and sweet for the questions triggered. The interview was unique, unlike the regular interviews that shoot questions about her favorite food, stars etc… here is the summary of the interview:

When asked about the “ Sholay” character, which resembles her, Madhuri said it is Basanti. Like Basanti, she is talkative, said Madhuri

Madhuri said that she felt high when she stepped into the film industry and Madhuri also said that she hadn’t allowed any issues to lower her confidence

When she was asked about which part she would like to tattoo, Madhuri said that she doesn’t like tattooing at all

Madhuri also revealed that she is allergic to the cockroaches

While studying in the school, she had lied that she didn’t do her homework, as she had gone for dance practice