Parthiepan's OS 7 Impresses Even The Non-Movie Enthusiast!

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Parthiepan's OS 7 Impresses Even The Non-Movie Enthusiast!

R Parthiepan Radhakrishnan Parthiepan is a renowned actor, cine >> Read More... R Parthiepan ,” who has been basking in the success of Oththa Seruppu Size 7 has been getting ready to release the movie in Telugu. Recently “ Chiranjeevi Click to look into! >> Read More... Chiranjeevi ” promoted the movie for Parthiban. The film scripted, directed, performed and produced by Parthiban had got a place in Asian Book of records. This is the first attempt in Tamil cinema and excitingly it impressed everyone right from superstar “ Rajinikanth 'Rajinikanth' is the name that is known in >> Read More... Rajinikanth ,” everyone had praised the movie and Parthiepan’s performance. The film has impressed even the non-film enthusiast too. Parthiepan posted on his Facebook about how the film impressed the visually challenged people. Parthiban posted, “நண்பர் இயக்குனர் R v உதயகுமார் அனுப்பியது, Cardiologist kannan கண்டது. பார்வைகள் பலவிதம். இது கோடியில் கிடைக்காத சுகம்!

When the blind men saw..

Saw a movie after a long time..otha seruppu size 7...the concept of single character took me into satyam cinemas...with a frd who liked to watch movies.. the frequency of mine..who was a good analyst and critic too..

Few minutes into the movie we knew we were seeing something interrogation room..masilamani the accused in love with his son mahesh..a child of muscular dystrophy..his lovely wife usha..the police personnel ..the psychologist..the police cars.the lathi all there ..but only as voices and sounds..only Masi was laugh and intelligent affectionate innocent character but cursed by the turn of life..Parthiban excels..what expressions..Rasul..u r a devil of could one dub for voices without visual scenes to show...near perfect synchrony..great experience for the viewer..

The movie ends..the audience claps..the yellow kite as a character..moves out along with masi..the audience too moves with masi in their hearts..with prayers for Mahesh...for Masi...

As we move out..what do we see..2 blind their 50 s..dark glasses..behind me..they were they move catching each others shoulder along the steps..along the corridor...Masi has done well illa..hear the voice...they had seen Masi...they cant see the world..they had seen Masi ..for 2 hrs..what a honour for the creator ..made blind see..something which I didnt
.... perhaps more... Never ever seen this..Parthiban..u r movie may not have been nominated..but u have won an Oscar.. The man who announced his entry with a new path(Pudhiya Padhai) reaches his peak with a path least chosen.. Hats off ... the lovers of good cinema..choose theatres please.. Swim in the river of sheer poetry...”