Actress Aarthi Speaks About Bigg Boss 2!

2018-08-27 12:55

Actress Aarthi Speaks About Bigg Boss 2!
Comedy actress Aarthi Ganeshkar, who had been a contestant in Bigg Boss season one has commented about the “Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.” She slammed the actresses Yashika Anand and Aishwarya Dutta for their fake tears in the Bigg Boss house. Aarthi also said that these two girls are the reason for the elimination of Mahat Raghavendra and also said that both could get out next week with a double elimination. Here are the tweets by Aarthi: “best performance award goes to #yashika & #AishwaryaDutta mudhalai kaneer... don'tworry girls next week double elimination panna solrom jodiya poidunga #murattumahath #mandasoodumahath try #prachai not eliminate you...” “Both girls spoiled one hero life... But all for good #mahath will be very careful with girls hereafter... Hope #prachi understands him & #mahath have wonderful life ahead... Hope u learnt good lesson for life #edupaarkaipullai #mahath”


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