Top 10 Clichés Of Tollywood Movies

Top 10 Clichés Of Tollywood Movies Telugu Article

Tollywood, as soon as you say the word one would imagine sumo’s being blown up into the sky in the background. The fandom of heroes, to singing the latest item song, we’ve all been a part of Tollywood. Some movies have been cringe worthy, while others made us feel good or have had an important message embedded underneath all that drama. Here are a few clichés that one comes across in almost every Tollywood movie:

1. HEROES – The humans to which no boundaries or law apply:

Our movies have been hero-centric since generations. The character must always contain the same set of qualities i.e. extreme physical strength, bravery, intelligence, an impeccable attitude and a few signature moves of their own. His sole purpose in the movie is to keep saving the heroine, family or society.

2. Comedy to which” Sanskar” does not apply:

Every movie by far in which any comedian is involved happens to make them “slap “able, which is apparently justified. Our noble lead characters forget their values (temporarily) and slap a man who is almost the age of their father, what character does that portray? Such comedy makes us miss the good old days when the comedians actually had something funny or catchy to say.

3. The lead guest appearance in the movie - The HEROINE:

The movies start with the heroine being a woman with much beauty and brains who entices the hero with her “looks”. It seems that love is not so blind down here in the south after all. Furthermore, the dialogue lengths assigned to them keep diminishing more and more with the newer generation of movies and after a certain period of run-time into the cinema their character almost disappears and reappears solely for dancing along with the hero at a foreign location. We would love to see some real acting and experimentation that these glam dolls are well capable of.

4. The part without which a movie is incomplete – The item song:

Every story has ups and downs, love songs and break-up songs and between all this drama is an item song which is catchy, and with such respectful lyrics (*sarcasm implied*). These songs run for many generations to come, and shall serve Lord Ganesh when he is celebrated on Vinayaka-Chaturthi since apparently people and GODS like them (**sarcasm again**).

5. Stalking turns into love story:

To all the girls out there, if you have a boy stalking you and studying your daily schedule, he might be the love of your life, is exactly what these movies are trying to say basically. The lead stalks the girl no matter how many times she rejects his love; appreciate the determination of the hero here though. Finally, a situation arises where she requires help and the stalker happens to be there because afterall she is the jewel of his eye. He swoops in to save the damsel in distress, and voila, they begin their love story. Never give up no matter what, such a good message.

6. The villain - heroine fiasco:

One of the classic rules that one should remember is that the actress shall always be related (daughter/sister) to or is going to be related (engaged) to the villain. Somehow a well-educated beauty is to be married to a mindless brute. Correction, a mindless wealthy brute Since her family wants her to settle down in a well to do family, so why not marry her to a murderer/ thug right” Such noble qualities indeed.

7. To gain something you lose something - one heroine gone, the other comes in:

It has become quite common for a hero to be romancing on screen with two beauties these days. One he shall romance with, and the other he ends up with, to show the transition of the lead’s personality of course.

8. The fights that would make Newton rediscover his laws:

The stunts in these movies make us so proud, such talent much wow. We have athletes, gymnasts and people who can flip as many times and as far up as you want. Insane right! The fighting never ends; one after the other and then another, it’s like playing Mario and the princess shall always wait in a castle.

9. Squeezing lemons into eyes with family sentiment:

Talk about tears, and bring them on. The struggle for a dying parent, to keep a family together or to even establish one is probably why many people connect to the protagonist on a sentimental basis.

10. Plot that takes a predictable turn of events:

One of the leads shall always be rich and the other shall be middle-class /poor else belong to different communities, which causes a difference of opinions among families and results in an inevitable fight. In some cases, both families are discovered to be connected and bam, the hero was actually “bava”, else the lead wants to use the girl to ruin her family for a settlement/revenge but eventually falls in love with her. What compelling new and fresh stories. Image sources: www.google.com