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Marathi Movie Actor Jitendra Joshi
  • DOB : 27-01-1978
  • Gender : Male

Jitendra Joshi is a renowned Marathi theater artist. He is also popular as a film actor and reality show host. His versatility is evident from the fact that he has played the lead hero, side hero, comic hero and even villain. He is an actor who makes acting look so effortless and unpretentious. He is popular for his police roles. Apart from acting, he is also a very good writer. He collaborated with the famous duo Ajay-Atul for the superhit number”Kombdi Palai”. The famous item song “Chikni Chameli” was somewhat a copy of this song. Jitendra Joshi was born on 27 January 1978 in Mumbai. He was brought up in Mumbai itself. After finishing his schooling in Mumbai, he moved to Thane where he did his diploma from VPM’s Polytechnic.

He then got his degree from D Y Patil College of Engineering in Pune and then did his Masters in Engineering Management from Australia. Jitendra used to play small roles in theaters until he got his first break in 2003 with the Hindi movie “Pran Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye”. Not having the so called hero like looks, Jitendra essayed all the roles that he was offered; may it be as a sidekick or a villain, he proved his acting skills by playing roles that were varied and distinct. Recently, Jitendra played the role of Tukaram, the saint. This role got him much love and appreciation from both the audience and the critics. His role as the antagonist in the movie Duniyadari got him many accolades. Also in 2011, Jitendra played the character of “Narumama” in the movie “ Shala Story soon >> Read More... ”. This movie got a good critical reception.

The director of the movie lauded the work done by Jitendra. Jitendra is married to Mithali Joshi, and the couple has a daughter named Reva Joshi.


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