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Ti Phulrani Marathi TV SERIALS on Sony Marathi
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Ti Phulrani is Marathi television serial. It premiered on Sony Marathi. The serial released its first episode on 20 August 2018. The serial produced a total of 327 episodes. The duration of each episode is 30 minutes. The last episode of the serial premiered on 17 August 2019. Sanket Pawse is the director of the serial. His careful observations and skillful directions enhanced the quality of the show. Talented writer Manaswini has crafted the storyline of the serial. It is a tale of dreams, aspirations, and the transformative journey of a spirited young woman named Manju Kadam.

The storyline of this show revolves around the life of Manju Kadam, a determined and intelligent young girl. She works as a maid in the Deshmukh family. The Deshmukh belong to a high-class society. They are affluent and arrogant. The story presents the aspirations of Manju. She wants to become a successful person in her life. Her goal is to remove poverty and upgrade her wealth status. She dreams of rising to the level of the Deshmukh family. Ti Phulrani delves into the complexities of the life of Manju. Her journey had many challenges, societal expectations, and the dynamics of relationships within the Deshmukh family. Considering Manju’s aspirations, Shaunak, the son of the Deshmukh family, offers to help her. He proposes to help her understand the lifestyle of the rich people. He promises to groom her. Manju also agrees to this proposal. A series of events took place and eventually brought them closer.

The serial inspires many females to dream and work hard to achieve those dreams. The determination and willpower of Manju help her to survive difficult situations. The series successfully blends drama, emotion, and societal commentary. The warmth of the characters and the Marathi essence of the serial makes it comforting for the viewers. The cast of this serial includes talented actors and actresses like Meera Joshi Meera Joshi is an actress, choreographer, model, a >> Read More... , Akshay Waghmare Akshay Waghmare is an Indian actor who worked for >> Read More... , Apurva Gore Apurva Gore was born on March 25, 1996, in Chandra >> Read More... , Mayuri Wagh Mayuri Wagh is a Marathi TV and movie actress know >> Read More... , and Shubhangi Damle Shubhangi Damle is an actor predominantly working >> Read More... . The episodes of the serial are also available on SonyLiv app and website. The targeted audience of the serial was Indian women. Watch Ti Phulrani to find out how the tables turn for Manju Kadam and what happens next.


Subodh Bhave Marathi Movie Actor
DOB: 9 November 1975
Subodh Bhave
Abhinay Berde Marathi Movie Actor
DOB: 3 November 1997
Abhinay Berde
Vaidehi Parashurami Marathi Movie Actress
DOB: 1 February 1992
Vaidehi Parashurami
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Sakhi Gokhale
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