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Marathi Tv Serial Majhi Tujhi Reshimgath

Other names : Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, Mazhib Tuzhi Reshimgath
Majhi Tujhi Reshimgath Marathi TV SERIALS on Zee Marathi
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Majhi Tujhi Reshimgath is a family drama produced by Creative Minds Productions. It is a Marathi serial that replaced the popular show Aggabai Sassubai. It was showcased on August 23rd, 2021, at 8:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. It features the story of Yash, Neh and Pari Kamat. In the promo, Pari Kamat was seen questioning Yash to find a husband for his mother, Neha. Yash is a prosperous business magnate in search of true love.

Neha is a single mother and lives with her daughter Pari in a rented house. Neha is preparing lunch for her daughter. Pari also makes chapattis and packs them in the tiffin. Then Neha gives a surprise to Pari, as it is her birthday. Pari gets sad when he remembers his father. Pari and Neha go to their neighbour’s house, where Bandu Kaka lives. Bandu Kaka and her wife give a gift to Pari. Neha’s colleague, Shefali, also wishes Pari's birthday and leaves for the office with Neha.

On the other side, Yashwardhan Choudhari is a wealthy person who has business worldwide. His friend, Sameer, wishes him a happy birthday. Both have a lot of fun and delight. Sameer foretells his future and tells him that he will meet his true love. Yash leaves for India. While going to the office, Yash and Neha are stuck in traffic. Yash sees Neha, but Neha is unable to see him. How will this love story progress? Will Yash get true love? forms the basis of the storyline.

Another Version of the Serial...

Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath is a Marathi show airing on Zee Marathi. This show is a love story of a young businessman. This show is directed by Ajay Mayekar. Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath casts Shreyas Talpade as Yash, Prarthana Behere as Neha, and Myra Vaikul as Pari.

Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath is a love story of a rich, young businessman Yash, who’s trying to win Neha’s heart. Neha is a single mother and lives happily with her daughter Pari. Pari is a little girl who is  Neha’s world and Yash is trying to win her love and trust too. The journey is not easy but it’s interesting to watch how everyone is handling the situation and respecting everyone else’s decisions and choices that they seem to have made for themselves. This is a new serial and there are various unfolded chapters that are about to be revealed yet, and it’s exciting for the audience. 

Another Version of the Serial...

Mazi Tuzhi Reshimagath is an Indian Marathi-language drama TV series broadcast on Zee Marathi. It premiered on August 23, 2021, produced under the banner of Creative Minds Production, directed by Ajay Mayekar and written by Sankarshan Karhade . Yashwardhan Chaudhari(Yash) a wealthy businessman in Dubai, while Neha Kamat is an employee of his company. Neha's ex-husband, Avinash Nayak Avinash Nayak is an Engineer who turned out into a >> Read More... , left her when she was pregnant, so she raised her 4-year-old daughter, Pari Kamat, on her own. She and Pari live in a small apartment next to their neighbours, Bandu Kaka and Aruna Kaku. They are like parents to Neha and grandparents to Pari. Neha's brother does not meet her, but her sister-in-law, Meenakshi Kamat, always visits her. Neha works alongside Yash with her close friend Shefali. Yash returns to India to live with his grandfather, Jagannath Chaudhari (Ajoba), who raised him as his parents died in a car accident.

Other members of Yash's family are his unintelligent uncle Satyajit Chaudhari, his alcoholic uncle Vishwajit Chaudhari, his crafty aunt Seema Chaudhari, his childless aunt Mithila Chaudhari, and his little cousin brother Pushkaraj Chaudhari. Soon, Yash learns of a fraud committed in their company by Seema. He decides to get his hands on the fraudster. He thus poses as a poor employee of Choudhary Industries and his close friend Sameer disguises himself as an employer. Shefali falls in love with him. During this masquerade, when he comes to the Choudhary house to deliver a file he meets Neha on her birthday . He drops her off in Mumbai from his helicopter, as it is also Pari's birthday. Without revealing his true identity, Yash befriends Neha and Pari, who accept him as a friend, thinking he is an ordinary boy. He even comes to their house to help them during Neha's illness, and Sameer instantly believes they are in love. But Yash denied it, saying they were just good friends. Yash even thinks about telling Neha about him but doesn't. The story goes on.


Supriya Pilgaonkar Marathi TV-Actress
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Supriya Pilgaonkar
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Ashok Shinde
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