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Dulquer Salman – The Must Watch Flicks

Author: Kanchan Singh
Dulquer Salman – The Must Watch Flicks Tamil Article

1. Charlie


The film features the beautiful towns and serene tea estates and of course, Dulquer Salman. He plays the film’s protagonist who lives his life like a free bird and is always looking forward to bring smile on people’s faces. Then there is Tessa (played by Parvathy), a young girl who has run away from home in order to pursue her dreams. As fate might have it, Tessa ends up in the room that Charlie once lived in. As she is clearing away the room, she happens to chance on a story of the man who once lived there and the search for the mystery guy, Charlie, begins. The story goes on with us pondering on if she will ever meet Charlie. Dulquer playing the ever eccentric Charlie puts on act that we have never seen before from him, it is equally refreshing and fun. The film also stars Aparna Gopinath Peering through her professional looking glasses a >> Read More... and Nedumudi Venu Nedumudi Venu was born on 22nd May 1948. He is com >> Read More... .





2. Ustaad Hotel


One of his earlier films and Dulquer Salman playing the role of Faizi, an aspiring chef. His father is completely against him becoming a chef and would like him to do Hotel Management. Faizi goes behind his father’s back and pursues his dream, once his father finds out; he has to face the consequences. This leads him moving to live with his grandfather who runs a small restaurant called Ustad Hotel Click to look into! >> Read More... . He eventually helps to run the place and Faizi helps to deal with all the hotels’ financial crises. Dulquer plays the role with much appeal and the movie certainly keeps you engaged throughout. The film also stars Nithya Menen Born on April 8, 1988 Nithya Menen is indeed a sta >> Read More... , Thilakan and Siddique.





3. ABCD (American Born Confused Desi)


Two spoiled, US bought-up brats are brought to India and left there to learn to survive. Starring Dulquer and Jacob Gregory Jacob Gregory has mainly worked in Malayalam films >> Read More... in the lead roles, the film has some funny points and good acting. The struggles of living on minimum wages post a lavish lifestyle and how unknowingly they get caught up in some political happenings. This one promises to be a true entertainer.





4. Bangalore Days Click to look into! >>



A number of movies speak about family, love and friendship, this one doesn’t stand too far apart. Bangalore Days is a story of three cousins, their friendship and love for each other. The movie makes you want to be part of the group. Dulquer plays the role of the son who is unwanted by both the parents and is looked down upon by the rest of the family. This movie also stars Nivin Pauly Nivin Pauly is predominantly a Malayalam actor. Bo >> Read More... and Nazriya Nazim This bubbly girl with expressive eyes was an ancho >> Read More... .



5. O Kadhal Kanmani


This one is a Tamil movie from the Romance Genre. Dulquer with his chocolate boy looks totally steals your heart with this one. The story revolves around modern day love, live-in relationships and the present generation. The chemistry between Dulquer and Nithya Menen is a must watch.



6. Kali


Dulquer plays the hot headed Siddharth who has major temper problems. He is married to Anjali, who is played by Sai Pallavi The woman who lit up every man’s heart during the >> Read More... . The story shows how Siddharth’s short termpered nature gets the two of them into trouble. The movie has been shot well with a number of twists. It keeps you on the edge during the entire duration.



7. Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi


The film stars Dulquer as Kasi, a young man who starts a journey across India on a bike. The people he meets and the situations he encounters are all part of this tale. The journey takes you through Puri, Vizag, Bangalore and finally to Nagaland. The movie is about cross-cultural love and the journey of a man to win his love back. Dulquer as usual steals our hearts with his boyish charms.



8. Vikramadithyan


A story involving a love triangle. It is the story of three people, Vikraman, Adithyan and Deepika. This one reminds you of the Malayalam movies of the earlier days. The story is twisted with tales of the past and present. Dulquer Salman plays the role of Adithyan. It is quite a different and appealing look he has on in this movie, certainly reminds you of his father, the actor Mammootty.



9. Njaan


Njaan is a story featured in the backdrop of the freedom struggle. The story is based on a small village in Kerala, with Dulquer Salman playing the role of the protagonist, KTN Kottoor. The movie went on to win two Kerala State Film Awards for 2014, one for Best Screenplay and one for Best Background music.



10. 100 Days of Love


Yet another love story featuring Dulquer and Nithya Menen, they are certainly the cutest on-screen pair in the southern film industry. Dulquer plays Balan, a feature writer for a famous magazine. One day he bumps into Sheela, played by Nithya Menen and the story just rolls on from there. The typical boy meets girl, girl about to be engaged to someone else, girl realizes she likes the boy and gets back with him . The narration and the chemistry keeps the film rolling.