Top 10 Web Series About Hostel Life

Top 10 Web Series About Hostel Life Hindi Article

1 – Hostel Daze

The series is about three new commerce students moved to a hostel and there they meet a junior who had acted as a senior. Then, the series moves ahead with the characters facing problems and bullied by seniors. The show stars “ Nikhil Vijay Nikhil Vijay is an actor and a writer. He is born >> Read More... Nikhil Vijay ,” “ Adarsh Gourav Adarsh Gourav is a supporting actor who was first >> Read More... Adarsh Gourav ,” and “ Shubham Gaur Shubham Gaur freelances as a casting director in t >> Read More... Shubham Gaur ” in the lead roles; the show is available on “Amazon Prime Video.”


2 – Class of 2017

The series is a teen drama web show, where it shows the life of a group of teenagers living in higher school and addicted to drugs, sex, peer pressures, and anxiety issue. Later on, the show has a sequel “Classes of 2020.” The show stars ” Ashish Chanchlani Ashish Chanchlani is an Indian Comedian and a YouT >> Read More... Ashish Chanchlani ,” “ Rohan Shah Rohan Shah is a young Indian actor often seen in c >> Read More... Rohan Shah ,” and “ Krissann Barretto Krissann Barretto is a popular Indian model and TV >> Read More... Krissann Barretto ” in lead roles; the show is available on “ALT Balaji” and “Zee5.”


3 – Kota Factory Kota Factory is The Viral Fever original comedy-dr >> Read More... Kota Factory

This web series is about Indian Education System after you complete the Metric and goes for higher classes; it is about a boy named who came to Kota for preparation of “IIT,” but he has to compete with all the student in his institute and face many difficulties for living in the hostel and promoting towards the better class. The series stars actors like “ Jitendra Kumar Jitendra Kumar is an Indian actor. He was born on >> Read More... Jitendra Kumar ,” “ Ranjan Raj Ranjan Raj is an Indian Film Actor. He works in th >> Read More... Ranjan Raj ,” “,” “ Ahsaas Channa Ahsaas Channa is an Indian Actress, Model, Anchor >> Read More... Ahsaas Channa ,” and “Mayure-More,” the series is available on the “TVF Play” app and on “TVF – YouTube Channel.”


4 – Laakhon Main Ekk

The first season of this show is about a mentally weak child who was pushed into the race of the education system in India for the preparation of IIT Exams, and for the worst situation, he has to live in the hostel of that institute alone, which further makes him smart and intelligent. The shows stars “ Ritwik Sahore Ritvik Sahore is child actor and has appeared in t >> Read More... Ritwik Sahore ” and “Alam Khan” in lead roles; the show is written by “ Biswa Kalyan Rath Biswa Kalyan Rath is a popular Indian YouTuber and >> Read More... Biswa Kalyan Rath ,” and the first seasons have Six Episode and available on “Amazon Prime Video.”

5 – Bro Court

The series is only about the boys living in a hostel, where they live like a brother, and there is a senior of all to them who take the decision and finalize everything, so the name “Brocourt” has come from this because of a single bro taking the decision. The show stars “” in the lead role; the show is available on “Youtube.”

6 – Girls Hostel Girl's Hostel is s YouTube series. Four girls >> Read More... Girls Hostel

This web series is about women empowerment and their life in a Girls hostel, where they celebrate their life, their independence, their room, and other happy things; the series is full of joy. The show casts “ Simran Natekar Simran Natekar is an Indian television actress. Sh >> Read More... Simran Natekar ,” “Ahsaas Channa,” and “” in lead roles; the show is available on “TVF Play,” and “Netflix.”

7 – Medically Yours

The series is about a group of medical students who stuck in between their passion and profession and tried to get out of there. The hero's family was all into medical institutes, so the hero gets peer pressure from his family to complete his degree with an average mark, but for that, the hero goes through several other ways. The series cast “ Shantanu Maheshwari Shantanu Maheshwari was born on 7th March 1991 in >> Read More... Shantanu Maheshwari ,” “ Priyanka Arya Priyanka Arya is an Indian actor hailed from Delhi >> Read More... Priyanka Arya ,” and “Radhey Lotwala” in the lead roles; the show is available on “ALT Balaji” and “Zee5.”

8 – Engineering Girls It is the web series about three engineering girls >> Read More... Engineering Girls

The series is based around Three Engineering Girls who were living in the hostel and deals with dorm drama, date around, and do whatever it takes to make their dreams come to reality. The series stars “ Barkha Singh Barkha Singh is an actress who is mostly seen in I >> Read More... Barkha Singh ,” “ Sejal Kumar Sejal Kumar is an evolving Actor, Fashion Blogger, >> Read More... Sejal Kumar ,” and “ Kritika Avasthi Kritika Avasthi is an Indian actor who was born on >> Read More... Kritika Avasthi ” in the leading roles; the web series is available in “TVF Play,” “YouTube” and “Netflix.”

9 – Ragini MMS Returns

The story of the series started from an old college, where a new student got admission, and for pranking that student rest of them decided to go through a horror show for a prank, but eventually, the college was haunted and so as their hostels. The show casts “ Karishma Sharma Karishma Sharms is a beautiful and young Indian ac >> Read More... Karishma Sharma ,” “,” and “ Riya Sen Riya Sen is a well know Indian Model and a bette >> Read More... Riya Sen ” in the lead roles; the series is available on “ALT Balaji,” and it also has a Sequel.

10 – Bachelor

This series revolved around a group of Bachelors living together and wanted to get famous; they face many problems in their day to day life, the web series shows how a bachelor face problem and deals with it. The series stars “Bhuvan Bam,” “Jitendra Kumar,” and “ Gopal Datt Gopal Datt is an Indian actor; he works in Hindi F >> Read More... Gopal Datt ” in lead roles; the shows are available on “TVF-Play and its YouTube Channel.”