Top 10 Horror Movies By Ram Gopal Varma

Top 10 Horror Movies By Ram Gopal Varma Hindi Article

Ram Gopal Varma is a famous director, screenwriter and producer of Hindi and Telugu Cinema. He is a Civil Engineer and started his career with Telugu film ' Siva'. During his college days, he used to watch certain scenes on repeat, and that is how he learned film direction. He also directed the romantic comedy ‘ Rangeela’ and gathered attention in Bollywood. He is famous for making horror genre movies.

Let’s take a look at all the horror flicks directed by Ram Gopal Varma.

1. 'Bhoot'-

First instalment of the Bhoot Film Series. The movie is about a newly married couple who moves into a new flat. Soon they realize that the flat is haunted by a spirit and soon the spirits control the wife and make her look crazy in front of everyone. The film was a success which motivated Ram Gopal to direct more films with the same name.

2. ‘Raat’-

This 1992 flick by Ram Gopal Varma is about a family in semi-urban locality haunted by the ghost during nights.

3. ‘ Phoonk’-

A guy, who doesn’t believe in ghost and spirits, is haunted by one and his course of life changes. The 2008 movie was a hit and made quite good revenue at the box-office.

4. Darna Mana Hai-

A group of friends, stranded on the highway, horror stories and endless dark. The movie was different as it has many stories, the latter being scarier than the previous one. Soon the realisation hit them that few friends are missing and their life itself becomes the horror story.

5. Kaun-

Movie starring Urmila Matondkar and Manoj Bajpayee in the lead roles is released in 1999. The story is about a young girl being haunted by a stranded stranger on the door, when she hears the news about a serial killer on the loose.

6. ‘ Agyaat’-

A film crew wandering through the forest is haunted by an unknown entity and soon few of their friends will be missing. The movie was more of a thriller but still the box-office revenue was not satisfactory.

7. Darna Zaroori Hai-

Second installment of the movie Darna Mana Hai. Six children found themselves at the front door of a haunted house and then slowly were narrated six very haunted stories which scare the shit out them. The movie was not as good as the first movie but received few good reviews at the box-office.

8. ‘ Darling’-

A successful man, Aditya married to a traditional wife and having an extra-marital affair with a hot secretary. Aditya accidently kills her secretary who later returns as a ghost to haunt him and avenge her death. The course of his life changes and he becomes mad with the supernatural activities in his life.

9. Bhoot Returns-

2012 flick which is the second installment of Bhoot Series. The movie is about a family who recently moves into a bungalow. It turns out that the bungalow is haunted and series of unnatural events happening in the house make them want to escape from the house.

10. Vaastu Shastra-

Movie starring Sushmita Sen received good reviews at the box-office. The movie was about the author and his family who moves to a remote house. Soon their son experiences some unusual activities which were ignored by elders.