Top 10 Films That Show You Unrealistic College Life

Top 10 Films That Show You Unrealistic College Life Hindi Article

Bollywood has produced films about pretty much everything, including tragic love stories, amazing action thrillers, and upbeat, upbeat student movies. However, these college movies screwed with our heads and led us to have expectations that were WAY off the mark. Here are 10 false stereotypes about college life for which Bollywood has to apologize.

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Unquestionably, the picture has earned its reputation as one of the all-time great hits. Probably the first to show a successful college student's life. The whole popular girl, stud boy, college romance, and everything that happens after. It has expertly caught everything that, at the time, made up the entire Gen X generation.


2. Rockstar

Seriously, a lot of us believed that we needed to experience suffering to truly create music because of Rockstar. Consequently, the notion that we would be expelled from our homes, fall in love with the hottest lady in college, accompany her to her Kashmiri wedding, become famous, have an affair with her, and then love her till the day we died is a little fanciful.

3. Main Hoon Na Click to look into! >> Read More... Main Hoon Na

You ought to have gone to my university. No teacher ever came close. Instead of typical Science instructors, Sushmita's saris were designed for Bollywood heroines. However, if any of my college lecturers had been dressed in seductive sarees and resembled Miss Universe 1994, I'm sure my attendance would have been high.


4. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

We all waited through college for the guy who would get us a new cat after our old one died because Aditi and Jay were such relationship goals. or awaiting the girl who would be as attractive, strong, and amusing as she is. You're right, Bollywood! Not everyone finds their true love while they are in college.


5. Munna Bhai MBBS

I would love to have a Munnabhai in my classes. He would have provided nonstop amusement and a welcome diversion from lecturing dull teachers on dull topics. On the day of the tests, I could have used a jadoo ki jhappi.


6. Student Of the Year

I'm particularly offended by the attire in Bollywood movies about college. Hell, we weren't even permitted to display our hands, elbows, arms, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, or anything else in my college. And here, these women parade around in fashionable, provocative skirts and tops. You know, I could have become a fashionista too. It's my old, patriarchal college's fault, I say.


7. Fukrey

Dude, for the majority of us, college is a seriously difficult time in our lives. We study the most during this time, and we also have to make important decisions regarding our futures and our lives. It is also incredibly phony when all of these "hep" college students simply go through their academic lives chilling, playing guitar, chatting with friends at the canteen, breaking into song and dance, or swindling millions to create a fake college.


8. Rang De Basanti Click to look into! >> Read More... Rang De Basanti

Among blockbuster films, this one is regarded as having one of the best plots in recent memory. The movie does a wonderful job of showing how the connections we develop in college last a lifetime and keep with us through good times and bad. It is remarkable to watch how this lovely yet eccentric bunch of people bonds and forges lifelong friendships. It has it all, from a middle-class Muslim guy to a rich brat, how they start a revolution while eating fast food, going on road vacations, and living freely.


9. Wake Up Sid Click to look into! >> Read More... Wake Up Sid

A great and very unique narrative, Wake Up Sid is. This film explores the problems that a regular student has as he navigates life's uncertainty and spirals into even greater chaos and stress after failing the test. We've all had moments where we felt completely unprepared for life after college. The protagonist sets out on a journey to discover his true calling in life after experiencing a strained relationship with his parents and the pressure of discovering his vocational calling.

10. Yuva

Another classic is Yuva. Although it centers on challenges that are uncommon in college life, it is regarded as one of the movies with a distinctive plot. A groundbreaking movie that tackled student politics head-on was motivating, hard-hitting, and incredibly realistic. Here's the twist: students get involved in politics to keep politicians out of it. You did hear correctly. It certainly sounds intriguing. They enter politics to combat injustice and improve society. It certainly sounds intriguing!