Top 10 Controversies Of Bigg Boss Season-10

Top 10 Controversies Of Bigg Boss Season-10 Hindi Article

This season was more exciting but bit more controversial than the previous ones. Because some of the contestants acted in such manner that affected the show's reputation in a negative way. The show got involved in many controversies. Let’s see which of them are in top 10 series.

1. Om Swami’s Pee Act and His Forceful Eviction


In the last captaincy task between Bani Judge and the self-acclaimed godman Swami Om Swami Om is a self-styled Indian guru and politici >> Read More... Swami Om , Swami Om couldn’t tolerate his defeat from VJ Bani and in the heat of the moment carried out the most shameful act; he threw his pee on Bani and Rohan. After his this act, this news went viral on the internet and he was thrown out of the house by Bigg Boss Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil language version of t >> Read More... Bigg Boss with the help of their bouncers. Om Swami was the most controversial as well as an unpredictable contestant in Bigg Boss house. He had also done many villainous tasks before, ranging from passing comments on female contestants’ dresses to peeing in front of other contestants. But this time, this man crossed the limits and has infuriated the audience.

2. Priyanka Jagga Priyanka is a bold young woman from Delhi who is a >> Read More... Priyanka Jagga ’s abusing behaviour


Priyanka Jagga who became villain not only for the housemates but also for the audience and the viewers. Priyanka Jagga was evicted from the house by Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan due to her misbehaviour with Salman Khan. After her exit, she wrote on her social account that her exit was scripted by Bigg Boss makers as she wanted to go out from the house since she had a health issue. She also shared a video in which she stated that good medical facilities were not provided to her and to go out from the house, she misbehaved with Salman Khan. But, later in a telephone interview, she said that the show was not scripted and also clarified that she just wanted to be out from the house.

3. Rohan's Nomination for an Entire Season


Fed up with Om Swami nuisance acts and his unwanted interference in tasks, Rohan Mehan pushed Om Swami in a captaincy task which led to a temporary hearing disability to Om Swami. For this Bigg Boss gave punishment to Rohan and nominated him for an entire season. Some people were in favour of Rohan's act while some were against him. To protest against Bigg Boss Rohan put off his mic and locked himself in the washroom. But later on, in the weekend's episode, Salman justified the punishment.

4. Swami Om’s Ugly prediction about Bani's Mother


In a captaincy task where Bani was to support Priyanka Jagga but she couldn't continue it for long and therefore refused to proceed. On this, Swami Om made an ugly prediction about Bani's mother which enraged her and caused a rift between Bani and Om. She became very frustrated and in anger she banged the door of the house to show her aggression and willingness to leave the house. On this, Salman slashed Om Swami and called this act of him dishonorably.


5. Short aggressive verbal fight between Monalisa’s boyfriend and Manu


In the activity task of meeting the family members when Monalisa got to meet her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vikrant Singh Rajpoot who met her for a very short time. In that duration, he showed his aggression towards Manu's closeness with Mona and disrespectful statements made by Manu about him. The fight could be extended by both sides if meeting time wasn't short.

6. Bani and Manu’s fight


In the courtroom task where Manveer was the judge, Manu and Rohan were lawyers; Manu was to defend Swami Om, Rohan was to be against him. But in this task Manu raked the old wounds of Bani by saying that he overreacted on everything such as in the case of Om swami's ugly prediction on Bani's mother, she overreacted on it to seek footage. This fueled up aggression in Bani, it led to a fight between Manu and Bani.

7. M3 Declared Bani and Gaurav as Narrow Minded

In one of the episodes, three contestants were shown some clips and videos which they hadn't seen and in those clips, one was of Bani, Gaurav Chopra and Rahul Dev in which Bani was describing a state between Mona and Manveer and Gaurav was commenting that it did not look like a brother- sister relationship. This clip was shown to Manveer who got enraged with Bani's thinking and called her and Gaurav as narrow-minded.

8. Bani and Lopamudra’s cat fight

Bani and Lopamudra’s tiff which had started with a task is nowhere seems to end but is getting worse day by day. Neither Bani wants to finish it, nor Lopa seems willing to do. Whenever they get a chance, they just try Therefore their fight has become the Catfight of the Season.

9. Mona and Manu’s controversial friendship

Mona and Manu’s friendship which has become a controversial issue after Mona kissed Manu in a task. Mona’s closeness to Manu has irked not only Manu’s fiancé but also raised questions in the mind of Mona’s boyfriend. Several questions on Mona’s character were also raised by other contestants adding to Mona’s woes. Mona and Manu say that they are just friends but viewers assume it more than friendship leading it to a controversial issue.

10. Salman’s got angry over Bigg Boss makers

Recently, the generous Salman Khan sent homemade food for Bigg Boss contestants, but when he asked them off screen about the food, they got confused and said that they didn't get that food. On this, Salman got miffed with BB makers and screamed on them for their this kind of act.