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Top 10 Best Movies On Sony Liv In Recent Times

Author: Suryapratim Ray
Top 10 Best Movies On Sony Liv In Recent Times Hindi Article

Until the last 2-3 years, the most popular ott streaming platforms were Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar. But during the Covid-19 lockdown, the online streaming platforms have got vast viewership, due to the closure of the theatres. One of those streaming platforms, that raised its viewership in recent times is the Sony Liv.
Sony Liv has been streaming many films with diverse concepts across all the languages. Here are the top 10 movies on Sony Liv that are recognized as unique, mind-bending, and thought-provoking in recent times. 

1. Kaanekkaane

Kaanekkaane is a Malayalam thriller starring Tovino Thomas Tovino Thomas is a well-known face in the Malayala >> Read More... Tovino Thomas , Sooraj Venjaramudu, and Aishwarya Lekshmi Aishwarya Lekshmi is an Indian actress who has wor >> Read More... Aishwarya Lekshmi . The main plot of the story revolves around a father and what he did to get justice for his daughter's death. The family emotions and the dark, depressing undertones disturb the audience. It is a movie with top-notch quality in both writing and acting.

2. Aamis

Aamis is a weird, but heart-touching Assamese movie. The plot revolves around the friendship of a married woman and a college student, how the story develops with them discovering their poetic and bizarre interests with their increasing bonding, and how their lives take a dark turn at the end, which gives the audience a high.

3. Sivaranjaniyum Innum Sila Pengallum

 It is a hard-hitting, thought-provoking, and life-changing Malayalam movie starring Parvathi Thiruvothu. It is an anthology of three films, highlighting the struggles of women in the patriarchal society. Though it has a low rating on IMDb, it is a must-watch that disturb the audience and makes them think for a while. 


4. Bhonsle 

Bhonsle movie starring Manoj Bajpai is a political thriller that revolves around Maharashtra politics and the attacks on migrants, and how a retired constable faces the issues of the migrant laborers. It is a slow movie, almost near to reality and the biggest asset of the film is Manoj Bajpai's acting, for which he won the Best Actor Award at the 67th National Awards. 


5. Madhuram

It is a feel-good family story directed by Ahammed Khabeer Ahammed Khabeer is a famous director, writer, and >> Read More... Ahammed Khabeer in Malayalam. The movie revolves around two families that meet in a hospital, their growing friendship, and how they deal with their common crises. The film runs in a hospital backdrop, which many of the audience don’t feel comfortable watching, but it explores the human emotions in a very realistic way, thus, bringing it close to the audience.


6. Thinkalazhcha Nischayam 

It is a satirical comedy Malayalam movie that won the Kerala State Award this year. It is a simple heart-warming story of a middle-class family and their struggle to marry off their daughter. The struggle of the family is conveyed clearly and humorously, by exploring the family's emotions and also balancing the individual hopes of the audience at the same time.


7. Kadaisi Vivasayi

It is a masterpiece movie, which helps us in forgetting our problems for a while. The story revolves around an old farmer, who yields crops for the local festival of his village and his struggles around his journey. The cameo appearance of Vijay Sethupathi Vijaya Gurunatha Sethupathi was not born with silv >> Read More... Vijay Sethupathi is an asset to the movie, leaving an impact on the audience even for the shortest span of the movie.


8. Family Drama 

It is one of the best, original, dark comedy Telugu movies in recent times, starring Suhas. It is a psycho-thriller concept combined with a dysfunctional family drama and gives a new experience to the audience. The crazy and weird characterization of Suhas's role in the movie is the biggest plus for the film, which Suhas made possible with his top-notch performance. 


9. Kadakh

It is a black, crime comedy in Hindi, directed by , and one of the most underrated films in Bollywood. The plot revolves around the protagonist and how he manages a dead body, throughout a party with many guests in his house.

10. Churuli

It is a mind-bending Malayalam movie, directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery Known for his work on Malayalam films, Lijo Jose P >> Read More... Lijo Jose Pellissery . The plot revolves around the weird incidents, faced by two policemen, who go into a forest to catch a criminal. The internal, mind-bending design of the story and the taking, grips the audience's eyes to the movie all along. It gives a mixed reaction to the audience, where some might start thinking, while others can it is a waste of time. However, it is one must-watch film in recent times.