10 Indian Actresses Who Smoke In Real Life

10 Indian Actresses Who Smoke In Real Life Hindi Article

10 Indian Actresses Who Smoke in Real Life

1. Karishma Tanna Karishma Tanna is an Indian Television actress bor >> Read More... Karishma Tanna


She is a beautiful actress, who is very talented. She did many movies too, but she is highly addicted to smoking. She smokes a lot. She smokes daily. Karishma Tanna is a popular performing artist but, she is also a smoker. She is hot, and attractive, and one of those on-screen characters who smoke relatively consistently, and her mystery was uncovered when she participated in Bigg Boss Season 8, where her propensity for smoking was uncovered.

2. Sonali Raut Sonali Raut is a sizzling, and beautiful Indian mo >> Read More... Sonali Raut


Sonali Raut was likewise a major contender in Bigg Boss Season 8, and her mystery of smoking was uncovered amid that show and it was uncovered by Gautam Gulati A young, handsome, and most-talented hero look guy >> Read More... Gautam Gulati transparently before the cameras. She is a chain smoker, and she smokes each day and furthermore, have a box of cigarettes with her without fail.

3. Tanisha


She is a Bollywood actress, who has been seen in a couple of films and, is one of the on-screen characters, who likewise smokes. She is the little girl of her mother, Tanuja and sister of Kajol. She is currently doing Khatron ke Khiladi, and everybody knows about her smoking propensities.



The veteran on-screen character, Tanuja, is one old courageous woman who smoke nearly every day. She never dithers to smoke even out in the open, and she doesn't crave concealing her propensity for smoking.


5. Manisha Koirala Manisha Koirala, is a Bollywood actress of Nepales >> Read More... Manisha Koirala


She is a Bollywood actress, and also a chain smoker. Everybody knows about her smoking propensities, and furthermore, her drinking propensities. She has never endeavoured to shroud it and has transparently acknowledged that she smokes.

6. Amisha Patel


She is a well known bollywood performing artist, and she is one of those on-screen characters who smoke. Individuals who have worked with her knows about her smoking propensities and how regularly she lit her cigarettes.


She is an ex-miss universe and a model, and one of amongst couple of big names who smoke. She is exceptionally open about it and doesn't shroud her smoking propensities or anything. She drinks alcohol too. She has been captured by the media while smoking and drinking many times.


She is a standout amongst the most acclaimed on-screen characters in today's period. Her acting aptitudes have enhanced a great deal, and she is a standout amongst the most favoured Bollywood performing artist in the motion pictures today. Aside from that she is likewise a smoker and she smokes all the time. She has acknowledged the fact publicly also.

9. Konkana

She is one of the finest on-screen characters of Bollywood, and is likewise a smoker. Many individuals who have worked with her, have seen her smoking.

10. Rani Mukherjee

She is the most celebrated on-screen character of Bollywood. She has acknowledged her smoking propensities publically, and she has likewise expressed the way that she begins her day with a cigarette.