10 Fashion Statements By Jhanvi Kapoor

10 Fashion Statements By Jhanvi Kapoor Hindi Article

The Bollywood star kids are now all grown up, and ready to rock in the film industry. We can see that amidst all the kids, some kids are making it to the news, and one of them is Jhanvi Kapoor, daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor Achal Kapoor or Boney Kapoor is a very famous Indi >> Read More... Boney Kapoor . She surely has Sridevi’s glitter in her veins, and that shine comes off naturally. Jhanvi with her sister Khushi Kapoor Khushi Kapoor needs no introduction in Bollywood. >> Read More... Khushi Kapoor are now being called the Kylie and Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner was born on November 3, 1995.Kendal >> Read More... Kendall Jenner of India, because of their fabulous glam game. Some of Jhanvi’s top-notch fashion games are:

1. The Sheer

This ivory trail gown was designed by the designer , and Jhanvi made it look perfect on her. She wore it like she owned the dress, and that gave the media, and the people to go wow.


2. The colorful Bodycon

Gosh! Jhanvi just threw the colors like confetti, and the fans were jaw drop dead by these pictures. Her figure is just perfect and the dress showed her complete curves. Her long straight hair went very well with look.


3. The Airport Style


Jhanvi is showing her actress side, and we could see that she is natural at it. The gorgeous diva has a very calm, and breezy airport look, and not to miss out; she always has a book in her hand.

4. The fur game

Jhanvi has a bright face that each of us love. She makes sure that the thing she wears makes a fashion statement, and same happened when she was holidaying with her family, and she wore this gorgeous fur coat.

5. The Golden Skater Dress

Jhanvi is making the world, and her fans go crazy with this look of hers. She wore a cute, short, golden, shimmery glitter dress, and golden heels with it. She let her hair loose, and her hair had soft curls. She looked stunning.

6. The White Lehenga

This girl is making the internet go mad at her. Her insane beauty and cuteness are making headlines, and she’s topping the industry news. Everyone knows she’s the next Sridevi of the B-town, and all are waiting for her debut in Bollywood. This floral white lehenga is designed by Manish Malhotra.

7. Cooper is the new Black

Both Sridevi and Jhanvi are throwing their glam around when they dress up. Jhanvi is learning to adapt well, and seems out her favorite designer is Manish Malhotra. Jhanvi looked stunning in this shimmery cooper lehenga.

8. The wedding dress goals

By now, Jhanvi has learned to be different from the rest. She has worn all the western dresses, and showed her glam. Here, she is wearing the traditional, bright colored lehenga, and the jewelry also complemented the entire look.

9. The loose white gown

Here, she can be seen as the daddy’s little girl and is definitely adorable one. She is no less than a princess in this picture. Here, she is wearing a loose white gown with golden embellishments, and a half bun.

10. The Glitter Princess

This girl is throwing glam as none other has. By now, we have known that her favorite color is white, and her favorite designer is Manish Malhotra. This dress is way too pretty, and Jhanvi is carrying it too well.