What Slots To Play At Tivit Casino?

What Slots To Play At Tivit Casino? English Article

Do you want to know which slot machines are the best of all time? Which slots do players bet on most often? Check out the rating below. Every year we receive data on the popularity of slots from online casinos (for example, here are the top slots in 2021), then we compare the information for each year and form an overall rating of slots for all time — it is provided on this page. The rating will change every year (usually at the end of each year), at this time the casinos provide up-to-date data. The advantage of this slot rating is that it is based on actual data on real money bets in online casinos.

Which Slot Machine Should I Choose To Play?

Over the years, several studios have created thousands of online slots: simple or multifunctional, all kinds of games can be in this rating, because there is no single recipe for creating a successful game. With such a large number of available options, it is difficult to decide which one to play, but it is at such moments that our slot rating may come in handy. Most likely, you will like a lot of them.

Volatility And Payout Percentages

These two parameters are the key parameters of the slot. The payout percentage (RTP) shows the ratio of the amount of bet refunds to the amount of bets, the more you play the slot, the closer your actual RTP will approach the theoretical one declared by the developer. Any RTP less than 100% means that the more you play slots, the more and more money you lose. Millions and even billions of rounds must be played to accurately verify RTP in https://tivit-bet.com/.

All games created by legitimate game developers are tested by specialized laboratories to make sure that the theoretical returns indicated by the studios are correct. This is how players can be sure that the results are fair, even if you are unlucky for a certain period of time.

How To Play Slot Machines?

Technically it's a matter of a few clicks to set the bet and press the spin button to start the reels. But it is necessary to take into account certain nuances so that gambling remains an exciting activity.

Please note that many developers create multiple versions of the same slot machine. For example, Book of Dead can have the following RTP versions: 84%, 91%, 94% and 96%. This is a popular trend among gaming studios, which disappoints players, since now they have to check each time which version the casino offers before launching the game. The problem is that some developers don't even specify RTP in the slot description.

Volatility is one of the most powerful characteristics explaining the nature of a slot machine. It tells the players how evenly or unevenly the payouts are distributed. In other words, it is an indicator of the level of risk. If we take and compare low volatility and high, we will get two completely different experiences, even if they have the same RTP.

  • Low Volatility. Payments are distributed relatively evenly. There are no long losing streaks here, as wins are regular. To balance the frequency of payments, developers have to maintain a fairly small potential for maximum winnings. Slots with low volatility attract players who enjoy the spinning of the reels and the idea of winning, rather than chasing huge winnings in one spin.
  • High Volatility. Payments are distributed unevenly. Sometimes players won't have any winnings at all for a long time, and this bad luck can suddenly be interrupted by a big win. Payouts are unpredictable and vary significantly in size. Some of the games with extreme volatility tend to have mouth-watering maximum winnings of x50,000 and even x100,000 or more.