Other names of Satyamurthy: G. Satyamurthy
Satyamurthy Telugu Actor
  • DOB : 1954
  • Date of death: 15-12-2015

G. Satyamurthy is a film writer from India. He was born in the year 1954; just seven years after India received its independence from the English colonizers. He predominantly writes in the Telugu language, which is the language of the now- divided states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He is also Telugu in origin. Talent also runs in his family as his son is the famous music composer of South India, Dev Sri Prasad. Dev Sri Prasad, G. Satymurthy’s son, is also a director and a singer along with being a music composer.

He is well-known in Telugu cinema mainly. He has received many prestigious Filmfare Awards. He got it in the category Filmfare Best Music Director South Awards. G. Satyamurthy started working in the film Industry as a person who formulated lyrics of various songs. He was pretty good at his task and slowly climbed the ladder of progress to become a screenwriter in the year of 1982. He did the screenplay of the film titled Devatha, which was a Telugu motion picture. Devatha got released to the public in the year 1982.

Throughout his career, he has worked on many other films such as Abhilasha Click to look into! >> Read More... Abhilasha , Police Lockup, and Challenge. It is a movie starring famous South Indian actors such as Chiranjeevi and Raadhika Sarathkumar. It speaks about a lawyer with the name of Chiranjeevi, who struggles to remove certain section of the Indian Penal Code, which is section 302. It is because his father was wrongfully detained taking advantage of that particular part. A. Kodandarami Reddy is the director of the motion picture. K. S. Rama Rao has worked on the production of the movie. He has also done a motion picture called Khaidi No. 786. The title originally translates in English into Prisoner no. 786.

It is about a man who gets into marriage with his love, despite her father’s disapproval of him. Thus enraged, he gets him entangled in a crime, which he never committed. He has to face a lot of difficulties but finally manages to escape and teach the girl’s father a lesson. Vijaya Bapineedu Vijaya Bapineedu is a South Indian magazine editor >> Read More... Vijaya Bapineedu is this movie’s talented director. He died on the 15th of December in 2015. The cause of his death was a fatal heart attack. He was just sixty-one years old when he died. He died when he was at his home. He had two sons. His wife and two children live on after him.

Another Version Of This Bio:

Sathyamurthy was a renowned scriptwriter in Telugu film industry. Before making his career as a scriptwriter, Sathyamurthy was a lyrics writer. He is also the father of popular singer and music director Devi Sri Prasad After the success of "Dhinka Chika" song for Salma >> Read More... Devi Sri Prasad . He is one of the versatile film writers who have given some memorable hits in the 80s and 90s. Before making his career in films, he was a school teacher and then was a struggling film lyricist. He found his footing in the film industry as a writer with ‘Devatha.' It was a 1982 film which had stars like Shoban Babu, Sridevi, Jayaprada and was directed by K Raghavendra Rao. Later he was associated with 90 Telugu films as a writer. For a quite some time, the writer had no link with the industry and got settled with his two sons and wife at Chennai. He was involved in making of a Tollywood hit movie 'Pedarayudu' starring Mohan Babu He is an actor, a producer, educationalist, former >> Read More... Mohan Babu , which was remade in Bollywood as ‘Bulandi’ starring Anil Kapoor.

Sathyamoorthy was even associated with many Telugu movies which churned out to be the milestone in the career of Chiranjeevi. They are 'Khaidi No. 786' with Bhanupriya, Chiranjeevi, and Mohan Babu. In the year 1983, a film named ‘Abhilasha’ released with Chiranjeevi, Radhika Sarathkumar Radhika is a famous actress in multiple of languag >> Read More... Radhika Sarathkumar , Rao Gopal Rao Rao Gopal Rao was a popular Telugu actor and a pol >> Read More... Rao Gopal Rao , which was directed by Kodandarami Reddy and was produced by K.S. Rama Rao. For movie’ Abhilasha’, Sathyamurthy wrote the dialogues. In the year 1993, Vijayashanti had acted in a dual role in ‘Police lock Up’ which was directed by Kodi Ramakrishna Rama Krishna more familiarly known as Kode Rama Kr >> Read More... Kodi Ramakrishna and was a super hit for an association of Sathyamurthy.

G. Sathyamurthy was a dialogue writer for the movie 'Chanti' (1992) which had Venkatesh Daggubati One of the most talented face in Telugu film indus >> Read More... Venkatesh Daggubati , Meena, and Brahmanandam in lead roles. In the year 1988, 'Bazaar Rowdy' had released for which Sathyamurthy had written dialogues, story, and screenplay. The film had Mahesh Babu Born on 9 August 1975 in Chennai, Mahesh Ghattaman >> Read More... Mahesh Babu and Gauthami in lead roles. In the year 1986, Sathyamurthy wrote dialogues for film ‘Kiraathakudu' which had Chiranjeevi and Suhasini in lead roles. He also has written dialogues for Chiranjeevi, Suhasini, Vijayshanti starrer movie 'Challenge' (1984). G Sathyamurthy had passed away when he was 61 years old in Chennai. He had a cardiac arrest and is survived by his two sons and wife. He passed away on December 14, 2015.