Bhoopal Reddy Telugu Actor

Bhoopal Reddy was born on 1959 in Hyderabad. His family is depends on farming. Reddy's father is a constable in department of Excise. He has to work for 2 acre Grass fields to satisfy his home needs. Reddy completed schooling sat Chandragad high school and Amber pet government school. Bhopal completed his degree from the New Science College. Under Osmania University, he completed his post graduation in Telugu language. From the Osmania University, he received his Doctorate on behalf of the famous story writer as well as a poet Potlapalli Rama Rao.

Reddy as completed nearly 19 books as his writings, he also wrote some of the child literatures like Komaram Bheem, Vastava Potava, Gudugudu Guncham and Kotta Bag. He also have the habit of writing songs. Apart from a writer, he also acted in movies as a stage artist that are Dhaasi and Komaram Bheem. He received the award for his child literature from Kendra Sahitya Academy Awards for the year 2011 for the book Uggu Paalu. But due to his speech against proactive remarks, ministers moral policing, against fundamentalism, and communal violence he voluntarily came forward to return his award in the year 2015 to the organization of India.

The movie Komaram Bheem directed by Allani Sridhar Allani Sridhar is a prominent figure in the Telugu >> Read More... Allani Sridhar is Telugu language talking. The Story is on the history of the 20th century leader Komaram Bheem’s life, who is a tribal leader. This movie won the Nandi award for the year 1919 as the best feature film from National Integration as well as the director received the best director for his debut film. Bhopal Reddy played the role of human being along with Monika as his wife. His next movies Dhaasi which was directed by Narasimha Rao is a Telugu talkie.

This screen show won several National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards . It was got Moscow international film festival’s Diploma Merit Award for the year 1989. It also received the award from the international film festival of India for the year 1989. The national awards include best feature film in Telugu, the best cinematography, the best actress, the best costume design and the best art direction. Completed MA in Telugu and as well as Ph.D. from Osmania University. A Horror movie in which heroine plays the major role Dhaasi Kamalakshi. Reedy has written nearly ninety short stories for the children which are together compiled as a book at present.